Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fear and BPS

Have you seen Matt's post today? It's a great article, check it out!

In addition to my cold, this afternoon I got hit HARD with a case of BPS

Bottomless Pit Syndrome

I think a combo of biking and hustling around campus causing my normal raging appetite plus my body fighting this stupid cold made me feel that enough food didn't exist in the world...


For lunch I packed a hummus,avocado, nooch sandwich with spinach, dijon and tomato. Plus some grapes and dill pickle cashews

Snacks included


this amazing combo of pumpkin, the rest of the PB2, stevia, pumpkin pie spice and a scoop of cottage cheese... holy yumtastic!

Followed by 2 mini lara bars, a handful of trail mix, a slice of sesame bread with cashew butter, a handful of dates and a few spoons of nut butter.... slight satisfaction.

Eventually I just decided to have dinner<-- yes DINNER not breakfast for dinner!

One of my absolute favorite foods growing up was mac and cheese. In times of restriction this became a major fear food for me. Probably because when I was younger I would kill the whole box as an after school "snack"... yea.

A lot of mac and cheese does not have the greatest nutritional stats but a while ago I grabbed a box of Annie's natural organic, the ingredient list is really legit so I felt good about it!


I jazzed it up inspired by Gabriela with spinach, broccoli and mushrooms. I also added a scoop of yogurt recommended per the box and it was super creamy!


Plus a great amount of black pepper and hot sauce, how I've always done it and clearly always will! It was perfect, comforting and absolutely delicious. I am already excited to have leftovers for lunch! Mac and Cheese, I will never abandon you again.

Plus another piece of toast with sunflower butter and fruit spread.

*Also, I really want to do a Q&A vlog but I don't have any Q's! Please feel free to ask anything about running, weights or myself and I'll answer what I can!*



Do you or have you ever had fear foods?

How to you jazz up pre-made meals?

It's Official

I am getting a cold =(

It's not too bad yet so I'm taking steps in order to keep it that way, I will not miss my long run on Saturday!

I used my neti pot this morning. If you don't know what that is here is an example.


You mix salt and warm water and it goes in one side and out the other! I know it looks weird and may seem gross but trust it works!

I'm also taking extra vitamin C and plan on getting a green tea I.V.

I still went to the gym with the plan of a "do whatever feels alright" workout, I did an easy 50 minutes random bike workout

I was going to have a breakfast bake (in fact the batter is still in the fridge) but all I really wanted was hot oats.


Hi, I'm Caitlin and I'm a Barney Butter addict. I finished one while waiting to use the other for oats... WOW


Super almondy oats

Oats cooked with milk, almond extract and stevia

topped with vanilla almond granola and strawberries


The rest of the almond butter

My first class was cancelled so I'm going to get my studying out of the way early so I can do some other stuff this evening!

*Also, I really want to do a Q&A vlog but I don't have any Q's! Please feel free to ask anything about running, weights or myself and I'll answer what I can!*



How do you prevent sickness?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My throat hurts

And I swear if I get sick there will be tears. I need some sleepy sleep so I'm sorry for the speedy recap!DSCI0276.JPG

Lunch was a salad with a serving of barley, sweet peas, black eyes peas, 1/2 a big tomato and 1/2 a cucumber topped with superfruit berry vin plus a strawberry chobani repackaged for no chance of bursting. Oh and bio exam studying =)


With a nice view from the science center


Snacking on some butter crunch cashews. pretzels and dried cherries (had more than pictured... trust)


Someday I will have DINNER for dinner I promise but my eggs actually expired yesterday and for me redundancy trumps wasting food. I did put a spin on my omelet. I mixed the eggs with cinnamon and stevia and then stuffed it with macadamia nut and cashew butter.


And topped it with microwaved frozen bloobs and banana slices with some baked sweet potato slices on the side. I've been way snacky again tonight... once again my hunger seems to wait until I get back to my room in the evening, if anyone has a solution please let me know!



How often do you get sick? Um... never, that's why I'm so upset



This is how I went to bed... and woke up. It's a good feeling. O, why you ask? This from the Washington Post sums it up!

Sweet Revenge: Cavaliers take down LeBron James, Miami Heat 102-90

CLEVELAND — In an unbearable season of losses, Cleveland got the win it wanted most.

The Cavaliers took down LeBron James.

Clearly it's learn things about Caitlin week so here's another thing about me.. I LOVE sports. I am a die hard Cleveland sports fan, The Indians, The Browns and THE CAVS! Which means seeing this "person" Turns me into this x100000000

Thus I am happy! Too happy, I actually cried with happiness last night, that's how much I love my city and my teams and I am not ashamed.

Two other things making me happy things morning


Running my best 5 mile time EVER outside on a weekday morning

Followed by 25 minutes of lifting


And chocolate overnight chia pudding oats in almost empty nut butter jar!

Last night:Oats, skim milk, chia seeds, stevia and chocolate protein powder= A texture like mousse/pudding


This morning, simply an entire banana and cinnamon, tasted like a banana Resse's cup!

I'm predicting a good hump day!



Do you watch professional sports? If you're a Heat fan... sorry I'm not sorry

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's talk Politics

Don't worry we won't get too in depth... I don't want any hate mail or anything! I've never talked politics before basically because that's not what the blog is about ,but, fun fact about me is I am very interested in them and grew up in a somewhat political family.


We would watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report every night during dinner! I also spent my Halloween weekend on a whirlwind trip to DC to go the the Rally to Restore Sanity!

I've mentioned before that I go to school in Wisconsin and if you are familiar with what is going on at the WI capital you can imagine that it has spread to a tiny, liberal arts, hippie campus like mine. Given my new found dislike of Scott Walker and my love of activism you can imagine how dumb excited I was to be standing right outside of my dorm, on my campus of merely 1250 students, roughly three feet from this person..



Reverend Jesse Jackson.... I DIED.

I sadly didn't get to meet or talk to him but I probably would have fainted anyway, I was nervous taking pictures! He was here with the Autonomous Solidarity Organization and WI senator Tim Cullen to promote voting to stop the bill that is currently being passed in WI.


ASO Speaker

For lunch I packed a salad with 1/2 a bag of spinach, a red pepper, 1/2 an avocado, salsa, the rest of my chili-lime white bean dip and nooch. Plus two pieces of Ezekiel sesame bread.


I was SUPER snacky this afternoon

I had this bowl x3 plus some more not plated *by the way I'm having NO issue making it through my twelve bags of pretzels... I'm already down to 10, if the addiction is wrong I don't want to be right!*


Plus a peanut butter chocolate protein bar

plus a zillion handfuls of butter cashews and dark chocolate almonds (flavored nuts are too dangerous)

I took a break and shockingly actually got somewhat hungry for dinner though not starving so I made some scrambled egg whites with cheese, fruit and a sprouted grain english muffin with smart balance and fruit spread.


Followed by a few handfuls of trail mix

(what is WITH me and the snack food!?)

I'm off to attempt at some homework but more likely fall asleep =)



Are there any celebrities or political figures you have met or would love to meet?

What's your latest snacking addiction? PRETZELS AND NUT BUTTER... though that's not new =)

Project New Nutrition Update 2

Project New Nutrition

Update Number 1

Physically things have been going wonderfully! I have been curling 15 LBS on a regular basis and my 15LBS rows and dead-lifts are beginning to feel easier so I should be moving up soon! I am also running faster and feel like I am recovering between workouts so much better (shocker).

I have seen massive improvement especially in my hair, for the first time in almost a year it's not coming out in chunks every time I wash it! My skin is still very dry although I put lotion on daily. I think I am in need of more omega-3's.

Mentally has been good and bad. I have been struggling more with fat talk because I have put on weight (which I needed to!) but of course ED is not happy about it. Of course this is a common problem among young girls and I just keep reading healthy tipping point and trying to overcome it!

The other thing I have been struggling with is fear of restriction. If I accidently let myself get overly hungry I end up somewhat compulsively overeating. I think this is because my body is so afraid that I am restricting again.

I am trying to make it a point to focus on intuitive eating which is scary for me because it makes me realize how much I need and it tends to feel like "too much" although it is not.

My new smaller goals are to incorporate more protein in general and find ways to convince my body and myself that I will not restrict .

I did an interval bike workout this morning (covered 15 miles and 62 minutes in total)

Then held plank



For breakfast I had two whole grain waffles, one with cashew butter and honey and one with cream cheese and fruit spread. Plus a bundle of grapes


I used this cashew butter from my massive new stock. I love it, this kind really tastes like cashews!


Off to study, bio exam this week!



How is life for you in general?

Monday, March 28, 2011

I am Going to Turn Into


A gigantic nut. Without a doubt. Let's just sum this up. As seen in my morning post, this weekend I bought salted cashews, dark chocolate almonds and butter toffee peanuts.

In the mail today from the amazing PerMa I got the same dark chocolate almonds, dill pickle cashews, butter cashews, cashew butter and almond, peanut cashew butter (seen above).


Plus a workout shirt, earrings and protein bars


How well she knows me =D.


From myself in the form of amazon I got cashew butter (good thing I like cashews), macadamia nut butter and PB2. I need to cancel my amazon account... although PerDa did just front me some extra cash <3... nut butter enabler =)

So that's four new jars of nut butter and five new jars of nuts... my good cholesterol will be through the roof!

DSCI0241.JPG Clearly the nut of the moment

Can we just talk about how all of this sparked my nut butter tooth to an insane level? I started with this snack.


I continued to sample most of my new products through the afternoon. I wasn't starving for a "real meal" for dinner so I made a bowl... with more nuts.


Yogurt, sweet potato, pretzels, cheerios, all kinds of nuts, dried fruit and nut butter and honey. Totally random but still healthy so I'm ok with it! It actually started here...


But by the time I sat down to eat a handful of homemade snack mix (cashews, almonds, cheerios, dried cherries and raisins) appeared on it along with a little drizzle of sunflower butter.

I also had some dark chocolate and more butter cashews. What is with me and breakfast for dinner lately? I have so much dinner type food to use up before school is over I hope my want for it comes back soon!


For lunch I mixed a cup of lima beans with feta and cranberries and dijon plus two corn tortillas and an apple. So there was a little green and freshness today =).

My nut butter escapade was delicious but I am jonsing for greenage! I have my big salad packed up for lunch tomorrow! For some reason I love when I crave vegetables, it makes me feel like a health dork =).

Now what someone has to convince me to do is NOT order more barney butter... I'm very much almost out!



Are you an online shopping addict? I browse a lot but the only place I order from on the regs is amazon... probably because they have my card number saved =(.

Favorite type of nut/nut butter? I refuse to pick, clearly I love them all! I do go in kicks (on a cashew one now) and I will say that I always prefer crunchy over smooth though I'm not opposed to smooth! I hope I get on a walnut kick soon... I have a TON!

Bad Blogger Update

I'm so sorry I've left you guys hanging for the past few posts! I had an emotional and tired day yesterday and just had to pick some things to not do. I do love you all very much and it won't happen again!

Here's what my life has looked like

A long power walk yesterday morning that ended at walgreens and sale on nuts and dried fruit= dream come true


I also got another bag of cherries


Salad with vegan burger, spinach and tomatoes topped with dijon. A brown rice wrap with avocado and chili-lime white bean dip for lunch yesterday.


Burt's Bees new tinted lip balm... great color and texture, love it!


Post yoga class breakfast for dinner. French toast made with torn up pita and coconut extract mixed with the eggs (so good!) Topped with almond butter and fruit spread, frozen peaches and strawberries on the side.


A few to many of these amazing new cookie find for dessert. Organic dark chocolate oreos, crack ... heaven


Throwing away an entire newly open chobani tub that said it expired April 7... clearly a lie, just rude.

a 3 mile run and 30 minutes of lifting followed by


Last night: oats, lemon tea, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, two scoops yogurt ( I had another tub)


Topped with strawberries

In my almost gone MaraNatha almond butter jar =(.

These were amazing, I highly recommend making oats with tea for flavoring! For hot oats just put the tea bag in while cooking them, for overnight use the tea as your liquid or part of your liquid.

whew that was long! I will give you a project new nutrition update tonight!



Tell me about your Sunday!

What's your favorite way to flavor oats?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Never go to Bed Angry


For whatever reason I woke up pretty much exactly like this. I think it just to do with the fact that for various reasons I went to bed not in the greatest mood and I was way too tired to begin with.

Ask anyone who knows me, when I get tired I get in a mindset of "I am going to bed and I don't care about anything else". I'm hoping to take a walk in the brisk though sunny weather soon to try and loosen up, it hate starting the day in a bad mood =(.

I was totally not even in the mood to think about breakfast (that's the level on crankiness!)


Rest of the yogurt, a handful of wheat chex, banana and chocolate soynut butter <-- it's delicious, I always forget to use it!

I think the taste of chocolate may be helping a little already =P.



What are you like when you get tired? Not even that cranky from just being tired. I get really quite and no matter what I'm doing just insist on going to bed... nobody will stop me.

Let's get some positivity going! Tell me something you've done recently that made YOU feel awesome about YOU!