Thursday, February 17, 2011

Balance or Bust

Morning all! A quick recap of my morning and a recipe and then it's discussion time! Before my workout I had a pita with some PB2 sauce (too much water).


It must have do the job because I got in an intense interval workout on the bike! I'll start sharing in detail some of my planned bike workouts soon!

For breakfast I created a new MPPIAB!


Apple Pie MPPIAB

Follow MPPIAB recipe (found here)

Add 1/2 tsp vanilla extract to recipe


1/2 granny smith apple chopped, sprinkled with cinnamon and warmed in the microwave

1 tbsp ground flax

1/3 cup greek yogurt

~1 tbsp craisins

Really Good, like apple pie!


Alright, time for some real talk friends. Last night I found a blank journal that I've had for a while so I decided to write down some thoughts. One thing that ended up on the paper was to be more open and honest on the blog. The reason I started it was to share healthy tips with you while trying to apply them to my own life. I'll be truthful that I have a disconnect, I am well aware of what a healthy lifestyle is but I do not always apply it especially in terms of mental health. Wanting to live a healthy life is an amazing thing but it is important to recognize the line where a healthy habit can morph into disordered thinking.

Lately my largest problem has been worrying too much about balance. Having a balanced diet with variety is extremely important in terms of health to get enough nutrients and to me in terms of satisfaction! I have a tendency to over think this however. I "save" nut butter for an afternoon snack so I don't over do it, I'll omit fruit from my lunch because I might want it for dessert etc. This is disordered thinking.

My goal is to start having what I want at the time I am hungry. This doesn't mean that I can't plan in advance by packing lunch the night before but then I should not fall asleep thinking about what else I should have in order to balance lunch. I make healthy choices because I want healthy food. I would like to start realizing if I choose something healthy that is what I desire almost every time I choose what to eat, I like enough food that things will naturally balance.

In the book Operation Beautiful Caitlin talks about how your body does not reset at midnight. If I have peanut butter three times in one day I can balance it the NEXT day. The other person I look to is Bethenny Frankel who describes her body as "a bank account to be invested in differently each day".

I'm going to start today, wish me luck!



Have you had any struggles similar to this?

What do you consider and how do you find balance in any aspect of your life?


  1. Good plan & good luck :)! Finding balance is a lifelong process but well worth the journey.

  2. It can be scary to start listening to your body instead of the numbers but once you get going you'll realize that your body will tell you what it wants and to just trust it. It's not trying to play tricks on you to make you gain weight, it knows what it needs.