The Journey

For my whole life I have loved food. I grew up eating “typical” american food until about sixth grade when I decided to become a vegetarian. I made this decision when a friend showed me the book “Old McDonalds Factory Farm”. Even after making the decision to cut out meat and although I have always loved fruits and vegetables my diet was very high in processed food, sugar, fried foods and too large of portion sizes.

My love of ranch dressing and pop-tarts unfortunately led to a steady weight gain throughout high school. I did enjoy occasional exercise but it was NEVER a priority. I was extremely active in my high schools amazing theatre department and that took up the majority of my time.
I ended high school at a weight that was already too high for my very short frame (I am just under 5 feet tall) and unfortunately this was the time I discovered alcohol.

Novmeber 2009

The summer after high school through the first semester of college was insanely exciting and probably the most unhealthy time of my life. I had chipotle on a regular basis, late night pizza, too much alcohol, greasy cafeteria food and took advantage of the local wal mart by clearing there shelves of mac and cheese and cookies

Before Senior Prom May 2009

Moving into College August 2009

When I arrived home for winter break, the first time I had access to a full length mirror in some time and the first weekend sober in quite a while as well. I took one look at my self and basically said “WTF have I become?” Right then I made a commitment to get my life, weight and health in order.
I lost nearly 40 pounds through a commitment to exercise, reducing and eliminating alcohol, keeping track of my calorie intake and all around changing my life.

Mom and I at the Cleveland Indians game 

Throughout this journey I developed an absolute LOVE for all things fitness and health related. I spent hours researching nutrition and fitness related topics and quickly developed a passion for running and weight lifting.

After my First 5k June 2010

On vacation in Yellow Springs, OH August 2010

Unfortunately things got a little out of hand and soon health, weight and exercise became an obsession. I am now working on maintaining a healthy though much more balanced lifestyle. Through this blog I hope to educate, share and hold myself accountable for proper fueling of my body.

Peeling Beets Christmas Eve 2010

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  1. Hi Ms. Caitlin! I'm a Caitlin as well. Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you luck as you seek balance! However for some reason a lot of your pics aren't showing up for me :(