Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot Date

Holy cowsicle what a crazy busy day!

Quick recap for you-
got a package from home (yay!)
carried around said package all day long
contemporary food movements
meeting with professor about raw food movements paper (more or less confused? remains to be seen)
lunch and study time
meeting to get a major advisor so I can officially declare! =D
Study time
Finally go back to room to unpack/ do breakfast dishes
make dinner
more blogging

Woo I'm tired just reading it, but at least I got a lot done!

Lunch was eaten in my school's fancy science center with my date cell respiration (he is HUNKY)

Salad with spinach, cauliflower, red and yellow pepper, quinoa, and my new Bobs's Red Mill TVP which was great! Good texture and could be flavored all different ways!

Topped with white wine vinegar and a bunch of Bragg's Liquid Aminos which I am loving already! In addition to garlic salt and red pepper flakes

I also had some "sweet milk" I just mix a pack of truvia with skim milk, I love it! Oh I also enjoyed a club cracker with my bio class to help demonstrate the first stage of digestion =). 

While studying and reading a few snacks were had 

I love these! They are a convenient, delicious, energizing snack and would probably be a great salad topper, good crunch! 

For dinner I went quick and convenient which will probably be a common theme this week 
Whole wheat tortilla with veggie chik'n pattie, hummus and avocado. And some Okra to go with my ketchup

Siracha =)
Peaks inside!
Hope everyone had a great start to the week! See you in the AM's!


Full Body Workout #1

I know there is a lot of talk about full body weight training vs. split body. Full body being taking the time a few times a week to workout your entire body head to toe and spilt being lifting almost everyday but splitting the body parts you work up.

I personally lift 3 times a week with hopefully one day of yoga. In this case I do full body workouts however with my current half marathon training I do focus more on certain parts on certain days. On monday I go hard and heavy full body in addition to short speed work. Wednesday is my hill run so I go moderate on upper and body weight on lower with perhaps some compound moves that would include weight. Friday I do cross training normally on the ET heavy upper and ONLY body-weight lower because Saturday is my long run!

 This would be one of my Monday type workouts, it's pretty intense and would take me about 45 minutes, of course adjust the weights to what you need, good luck!

All with 15 lbs in each hand
    - basic X 12
    - 2 counts down 2 counts up X 12
    - basic X 8
    - 1 count down hold 3 1 count up X 8
    - basic X 8
Repeat second and fourth with 12 lbs in each hand
End with 12 basic

With 12lbs in each hand
  -basic curl X 15
  - isolation curl X 12 each arm individually
  - Reverse curl X12
With 10 lbs in each hand
  -basic X 15
  - isolation X 12 each arm
  -basic X 10
  -reverse X 8
  - basic X 8
Hold in halfway curl until fail

Full Body
Arm Transformer
  - Get in a pushup position with a 10 lbs weight under each hand. Pull one weight up to your ribs like you are doing a row and return to starting position. Do 10 reps. for each arm.

Overhead curl w/ 15lbs X 15
Kickbacks w/ 8 lbs X 10 each side
10 triceps dips
Repeat sequence 3 times lower your reps. 12, 8, 8 and 10, 6, 6

Chest and Back
Lying chest press w/ 12lbs each hand X 15
Bench row w/ 15 lbs X 10 each side
Push ups X15
Repeat 3 times lowering reps each time 12, 8, 12 and 10, 8, 10
*On the second set of push up's try decline (with your feet on the weight bench)

Full Body
Row with side lunge- Start with your legs hip width distance apart and the weight in front of you palms facing in. With your right leg lunge on a diagonal with your toes facing the corner. As you lunge pull your elbow up at an angle to the side. Return to starting position. Do 10-12 reps each side.

Hamstrings and Glutes
Deadlift w/ 15 Lbs each hand X 15
Place weights on floor for balance, keep left leg straight, kick right leg up behind you and pump X12
Deadlift X 12
Repeat glute pump on left
Deadlift X 10

Shoulders and legs (add on sequence)
Overhead press w/ 8 Lbs on right X 6
  -continue press and raise left leg to 90 degree angle, pump leg with press X6
Repeat on opposite side
Front raise with 5 Lbs both hands X 8
Lat raise with 5 Lbs both hands X 8
Return to front raise and add back lunge on right X 8
Return to lat raise and add back lunge on left X 8
Remove shoulder raises and repeat lunges on both legs X 8

30 second pilates single leg stretch
30 seconds star crunch
30 seconds slow crunch (2 up, 2 down)
30 seconds bicycle
hold side plank on each side until fail
hold plank until fail

Congrats!! You just finished a KILLER workout! Make sure to refuel and rehydrate!


Mom's can be creative too!

Good morning all and happy Monday! I actually don't mind Monday's so much but just because I like having things to do and sometimes I run out but Sunday afternoon (weeks I don't have a bio exam). 

First I wanted to share with you and e-mail my mom sent me last night of her dinner! She is a healthy eater but on occasion lacks in the creativity department so she was very proud of this as was I, plus it looks and sounds great! 

Roasted carrots and broccoli topped with quinoa and pesto.... uh YUM! 

Those are my at home dishes so come the summer months you will be seeing them often! 

I was still kind of hungry after dinner last night so I had a little bowl of yogi granola crisps and some skim milk, hit the spot! 

I woke up still a little sore and completely not in the mood for speedwork. I did the old bargaining trick of "just try, you don't have to finish, you can only go 2 instead of 3 miles, you can finish on the ET etc." so I got out of bed, get ready and headed to the gym!

First I had a piece of whole wheat bread with cottage cheese and cinnamon

I always, always eat something before I work out. I honestly don't understand how some people don't especially first thing in the morning, I wake up hungry! I of course like many people can't run on a totally full stomach so I go for a snack of carbs and a little protein and I'm set to go!

I actually did finish my speed work! I got in 3 miles in 27 minutes with a combination of fast runs, sprints and walks.  I wanted to stop at one point but I pushed myself and got it done, and it felt good! I'm getting new shoes today so I wanted to do my old one's proud =). 

I then did some full body weights and core work for about 40 minutes and called it a great workout!

Breakfast came in the form of eggy oats, thanks for the idea Allie!

Oatmeal cooked in milk and water, egg whites, chocolate whey protein, a ton of craisins 

All cooked up in mint tea for flavor! Topped with cinnamon and truvia 

With orange, passion fruit, jasmine, green tea

Super good and super muscle repairing!

Agenda for the day... class and studying, see you later!

How do you get motivated to workout? Do you bargain? 
What's your favorite fruit to have with chocolate? Banana for sure for me!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Change of plans

Surprise....didn't go to yoga club =/. When I made a to do list for the rest of the day and started studying I decided having and hour long interruption at four was not going to work. Although notice I did not say I didn't do yoga. I knew I needed it so instead in my room I did 35/45 minutes of Yoga Download's yoga for runners, it was perfect! Yoga club can be an intense flow anyway which I realized when doing my gentler yoga I'm not sure would have been good. After my yoga I did my least favorite chore of putting my laundry away, hated every second but at least I have the option of cuteness tomorrow! I then moved onto bio and snackage. 

I wanted to save my vanilla yogurt for dessert some night until I notice it expires tomorrow (boo I should have gotten 2!) so I had it for a snack today instead.

With an indecent just the right amount of pumpkin on top, served with a side of bilayer phospholipids! 

A good amount of study time layered I got sunday night brain and called it quits to make lunch for tomorrow, (It looks good!) and have dinner.

Tofu with my new red pepper coconut sauce, corn, steamed edamame 

I LOVE this sauce, it was so flavorful and easy! It even had big chunks of red pepper! 

Local edamame that I got at B&P's last week! 

Spinach salad with dried figs, dressed up in honey and white wine vinegar 

Quite good! I am now watching 30 rock and preparing for my upcoming week! I have a lot of work study hours scheduled this week so it will probably be a little crazy with some late nights (which I am NOT GOOD at). Hope everyone had great weekends and are re-charged for the week! Toodles!


Cute outfit!

I love getting things done!

I have been to two stores, printed my study guide for bio, put my laundry in, made and am now consuming lunch, ya hoo!

I went to my FAVORITE store this morning, Bushel and Pecks. Think along the lines of trader joes had a baby with a farmers market... I surprisingly  spent a little too much money but I am quite excited about all I got!

0% plain chobani (I got all they had left) and a vanilla one for a treat =). Chocolate coconut larabars which I'm SUPER excited to try! A few cliff bars (apricot, peanut toffee buzz). White wine vingar and Braggs Liquid Aminos which I've never tried but it totally intrigues me. Black beans and some gumbo spice and of a strong dark chocolate bar (70% cocoa mmmm....).

I also grabbed these Bob's Red Mill (always reliable) products. I was excited to see you can make TVP in the microwave and I'm pumped for alternative protein option! I also have a plan for the pancake mix hopefully later this week so stay tuned... 
And this was callin' my name and I'm sure you'll be seeing it with dinner tonight!

After B&P I headed over to the more standard Walgreens to get some reasonably priced a few things B&P's doesn't carry. 
Dried fruit (figs, pineapple, craisins), gum, nail polish and foundation, protein bars and a luna bar.
I also found this which I've never seen before but it looked legit so I thought I'd give it a try. It's natural, non-GMO, vegan, organic, gluten-free and kosher so can't be too awful will report back when actually tried! 

After everything found a home and the clothes cleaning began I was HANGRY PANTALONES so enter...

Pita with avocado, cheese and egg whites, carrot sticks, and grapefruit slices 

Mmmmmm cheesy..... 

In the middle is ketchup and siracha, oh yes, I love it. 

Pumped for yoga! My only problem is that it's not until 4pm so sometimes I loose motivation throughout the day but today I came up with a plan... 

Been wearin my yoga clothes all day yo! Now I have no excuses! Yes I went to the store like this... with a jacket of course! 

And my soopes warm boots!

Now I must actually begin my bio study guide... see you later!


Warm weather recovery

I wish it was warm.... just like everyone else in the world (or in the midwest and new england areas at least). After actually getting to run outside yesterday I've found myself fantasizing about springtime and sunshine even more, I'm going to start my official spring break count down on Tuesday. My break starts March 5th and I'm going to meet me madre in Florida! CAN. NOT. WAIT.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good but not amazing. I was expecting to REALLY be hurting from hitting the pavement but it's mostly my back and the outside of my left knee which gives me trouble I'm sure from tight quads (I am a BAD stretcher). Luckily the yoga club at school is starting back up again today, YAY!! So that is where I'll be this afternoon.

Back to the weather, I decided for breakfast I wanted some warm weather themed oats so this is what I came up with

Vanilla, lime, berry sunflower oats!

1/2 cup oats cooked with milk, vanilla whey protein and a key lime tea bag. Caroline over at The Broccoli Hut had cooked her oats in tea before and now I LOVE doing, it's a great way to get fun flavors!

Topped with banana, mixed frozen berries, sunflower butter, ginger, truvia and coconut extract. 

Mango black tea on the side for a little more tropical flare! 

Ahhhhh just like being in the Bahamas... kind of. With my heater on next to me it's close enough, and they sure are delicious! 

I'm also planning on making some milky coffee because I have to walk *AGAIN* to the grocery store. A different one this time, the one I went to yesterday doesn't sell greek yogurt. But that's alright because walking+yoga= my perfect rest day/recovery "workout"!

So agenda for the day,
Contemporary food movements homework
Bio homework
FINALLY watching the office and 30 rock! 

And I will be eating in there as well.

Oh and of course admiring my spring time colored nails which looking at help me get through the blah weather!

How do you make it through gross winters? Do you ever have to go to more than one store to get all you need? 


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gorgeous Genius

No I am not vainly describing myself... I am currently watching Good Will Hunting wishing that I had Matt Damon because of course he is A)Matt Damon and B) I have a biology test next week!

Science woes aside I had quite a productive and relaxing Saturday, what a great combo! I organized, vacuumed, home-worked  and chillaxed. Oh and of course some eating was involved as well!

After organizing my shoes, food, some clothes (I thought about taking before and after of food but I was too embarrassed about the before) and vacuuming I set out on working on homework and snackage. I had a glass of milk and some Ambrosial Musli cereal which I recently order quite a bit of from Amazon, I thought I was getting 3 bags but somehow I ended up with 6... good thing I'm really diggin' it!

I finished up the work I had planned to do and then some and FINALLY got in the shower (gross I know) and settled down and decided I could watch a movie... enter my gorgeous genius =). About 40 minutes in I paused it to make dinner.

This is SUPER tasty! Whole wheat rotitni with "meat sauce" (leftover canned veggie chilli), melted mozzarella cheese stick, brocs and cauliflower with ketchup for dippage!

Melty cheese and dried pineapple for a little texture/tasty sweetness

Quite delish! I am currently enjoying it with the second half of my movie. I have no plans tonight so I'm debating either another movie (I'm thinking "The Last Song") or maybe starting a new book? I really want to read "On the Road" which has been on my shelf forever but I always get nervous to start pleasure books during school, we'll see!

Hope you all had awesome Saturdays and that you have very Sunday type plans! (e.g laundry and relaxing)



Salutations! Did you read Charlottes Web when you were younger? I remember learning that word through that book when Charlotte stitched it in her web =).

Anyway, so far it's been a fairly productive Saturday filled with inspiration (well sort of). After breakfast I walked up to the grocery store and made it back with a good loot. I didn't take a picture of all of it but in short I got a bunch of veggies (fresh and frozen), frozen beans which I have been really coming to like because I don't have to open a whole can, 2 grapefruits, 2 avocados and a few dairy products. I tend to overshop especially in the snack food department (because it doesn't go bad!) But the insane mess  tub where I store non-perishables in my dorm has gotten a LEETLE hectic so I took inspiration from Tina's recent grocery shopping series and cut back!

I will show how I store my fruit and potatoes... it's college you gotta get creative!

Anywho, after I got all my new goodies put away I was soopes hungry again (hey there 8 miles) so I decided to get inspiration from Kath who has been having some AMAZING looking hugh jass salads lately!

Ye' big ole' salad complete with spinach, black eyed peas, lima beans, some leftover baked sweet potato, red pepper, mushrooms, 1/2 grapefruit and a scoop of hummus for inspired by the standard Allie!

There is mr. Hummus with some peppermint tea on the side! The crazy concoction of colors chose to wear a mix of olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice along with some mrs.dash no salt original blend and black pepper... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is what I did during this lunch. Along with some homework.

Now that I've admitted my food stash is a wreck...tornado...possibly the most terrifying thing I have seen, I think we can guess what I'm off to do!


Wisconsin winters and Garmin Greatness

 Good morning to you! I accomplished my task this morning... eight miles outside in the Wisconsin winter! So here's a true life confession... I love to run but I am a treadmill junkie, sad but true. However for Christmas I joined the big girl running club and my mom who is also a runner got a a Garmin Forerunner 205. This morning was my first time getting to break it in but I'll save you the redundancy and just say the I have had the same reaction as everyone else who gets this toy and now I am in love <3.

I did 8 miles in 1:21:10

That's a good pace for me, I am very satisfied! Around mile 6.5 I had the little voice pop into my head that was saying "can't, weak, can't, weak" but also right at that moment one of my favorite running songs, "Remember the Name" came on my iPod and I literally said out loud "Shut up I AM going to finish this run, YES I AM" I totally worked because from there I just plowed through to the end!

Before I left I had a little bowl of dry quaker oat square cereal and raisins. Even though this was a good snack I brought gatorade and dried pineapple chunks with me on my run because I always believe it is way better to be prepared than to hit a wall and not be able to finish but I didn't end up needing them.

When I got back I walked up and down the hall of my dorm for a little for a cool down (because it was too cold outside, my hand were unhappy even in gloves!) And then I remembered that I had an almost empty barney butter jar... YES!!! Perfect post-run treat!

Parfait with 6oz greek yogurt mixed with coconut extract, ginger and truvia,  around 1/2 cup dry oatbran a banana and of course the amazing almond butter! (Sorry I can't figure out how to rotate the picture)

It may look uggo but it was amazing! Especially when I finally got to the bottom! 

With key lime tea and a big 'ole class of re-hydration!

Alrighty, I must actually head BACK outside to the grocery store (boo) but I am in need of veggies and I'll be thankful for the circulation tomorrow I am sure! Hope your weekends are of to rizockin starts!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Go to fave for a Friday

 Hey there again! Pretty standard day around here in permanent land. I had class, work/lunch, class, homework and now chill/ dinner time as a great start to the weekend!

I am on a meal plan at school but it's what they call "reduced", my school serves 20 meals a week and I have access to any 14 per week that I choose so some days I get lunch at school and some days I pack it, today I packed!

"Tofu salad" made with tofu, hummus, nutritional yeast, garlic salt,
red pepper flakes and some chopped celery

Served on Mary's Crackers recommended per Angela's blog!

In the process of being packed

And for more of my two favorite P's... protein and produce
Cottage cheese with wheat germ 

Baby carrots and dried fruit
(it was more than it looks, the baggie is big!)

This was consumed at work and wad delicious! Everything got dipped in everything and all was happy =)

After work I headed to human biology and after two hours called it a weekend! (Almost a little more homework was done). After bio when I got back to my room I had a mixed berry/chocolate/ protein smoothie made with whey protein and skim milk but didn't snap a picture as I was distracted by hunger and reading.

A little while later dinner got started... I went for a combo of my favorites to say "yay Friday!"

Scrambled egg whites with PB&J, mixed steamed veggies

Hot sauce on eggs makes everything better! The bread is gluten free milled flax, I am by no means gluten free but sometimes I buy products like this because they are delicious and it's an easy way to get alternative grains/nutrition in!

Lotsa dippin ketchup on the side! I need a lot because both
eggs and veggie go in it.

My dinner companions! That is my "dog" Cinnamon
and Leo DiCaprio via Shutter Island!

I am currently enjoying aforementioned movie, so glad to find it on Netfilx, been wanting to see it forever! I also have an 8 mile run in the morning for my 1/2 marathon training that I think I may get to do outside! It's always touch and go with Wisconsin winters. 

Oh and dessert was 1 dark chocolate square, a little skim milk and 3 biscoff cookies... yes they come in packs of two but three seemed more appropriate for cookie friday!

Hope everyone had a great Friday! Happy weekend!