Sunday, January 30, 2011

Change of plans

Surprise....didn't go to yoga club =/. When I made a to do list for the rest of the day and started studying I decided having and hour long interruption at four was not going to work. Although notice I did not say I didn't do yoga. I knew I needed it so instead in my room I did 35/45 minutes of Yoga Download's yoga for runners, it was perfect! Yoga club can be an intense flow anyway which I realized when doing my gentler yoga I'm not sure would have been good. After my yoga I did my least favorite chore of putting my laundry away, hated every second but at least I have the option of cuteness tomorrow! I then moved onto bio and snackage. 

I wanted to save my vanilla yogurt for dessert some night until I notice it expires tomorrow (boo I should have gotten 2!) so I had it for a snack today instead.

With an indecent just the right amount of pumpkin on top, served with a side of bilayer phospholipids! 

A good amount of study time layered I got sunday night brain and called it quits to make lunch for tomorrow, (It looks good!) and have dinner.

Tofu with my new red pepper coconut sauce, corn, steamed edamame 

I LOVE this sauce, it was so flavorful and easy! It even had big chunks of red pepper! 

Local edamame that I got at B&P's last week! 

Spinach salad with dried figs, dressed up in honey and white wine vinegar 

Quite good! I am now watching 30 rock and preparing for my upcoming week! I have a lot of work study hours scheduled this week so it will probably be a little crazy with some late nights (which I am NOT GOOD at). Hope everyone had great weekends and are re-charged for the week! Toodles!


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