Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cute outfit!

I love getting things done!

I have been to two stores, printed my study guide for bio, put my laundry in, made and am now consuming lunch, ya hoo!

I went to my FAVORITE store this morning, Bushel and Pecks. Think along the lines of trader joes had a baby with a farmers market... I surprisingly  spent a little too much money but I am quite excited about all I got!

0% plain chobani (I got all they had left) and a vanilla one for a treat =). Chocolate coconut larabars which I'm SUPER excited to try! A few cliff bars (apricot, peanut toffee buzz). White wine vingar and Braggs Liquid Aminos which I've never tried but it totally intrigues me. Black beans and some gumbo spice and of a strong dark chocolate bar (70% cocoa mmmm....).

I also grabbed these Bob's Red Mill (always reliable) products. I was excited to see you can make TVP in the microwave and I'm pumped for alternative protein option! I also have a plan for the pancake mix hopefully later this week so stay tuned... 
And this was callin' my name and I'm sure you'll be seeing it with dinner tonight!

After B&P I headed over to the more standard Walgreens to get some reasonably priced a few things B&P's doesn't carry. 
Dried fruit (figs, pineapple, craisins), gum, nail polish and foundation, protein bars and a luna bar.
I also found this which I've never seen before but it looked legit so I thought I'd give it a try. It's natural, non-GMO, vegan, organic, gluten-free and kosher so can't be too awful will report back when actually tried! 

After everything found a home and the clothes cleaning began I was HANGRY PANTALONES so enter...

Pita with avocado, cheese and egg whites, carrot sticks, and grapefruit slices 

Mmmmmm cheesy..... 

In the middle is ketchup and siracha, oh yes, I love it. 

Pumped for yoga! My only problem is that it's not until 4pm so sometimes I loose motivation throughout the day but today I came up with a plan... 

Been wearin my yoga clothes all day yo! Now I have no excuses! Yes I went to the store like this... with a jacket of course! 

And my soopes warm boots!

Now I must actually begin my bio study guide... see you later!


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