Fitness and Fuel

I am a fitness BUFF. I love running , weight training and the stationary bike especially. I also NEED and love yoga and when I am at home I love going to group fitness at my gym Lifetime Fitness.  I hope some day to get interested in swimming and outdoor cycling so I can do a triathlon but for now I am in training for the Cleveland Rite Aid half marathon in May 2011 which I will be running with my mom!

I will also be doing strength training on Monday and Wednesday and perhaps as a part of Fridays cross training. Monday I will do a full body weight workout, Wednesday I will do upper body weights and lower body with body weight or balance ball exercises. Friday could be a combination of either. My Cross training on Fridays will most likely be the elliptical. 
I am also planning on attempting the Chicago Marathon in October, this is the start of my training plan for that.

I will fill in the blanks closer to the date based on my experience training with the half. Also, a majority of it will take place when I am home for the summer so I'll want to know my gyms group class schedule first! 
I work out HARD and therefore it is extremely important that I fuel properly which I have often had trouble with and many people are confused about. I will share with you my knowledge of fueling and refueling while trying to accomplish it on my own!