Monday, January 31, 2011

Mom's can be creative too!

Good morning all and happy Monday! I actually don't mind Monday's so much but just because I like having things to do and sometimes I run out but Sunday afternoon (weeks I don't have a bio exam). 

First I wanted to share with you and e-mail my mom sent me last night of her dinner! She is a healthy eater but on occasion lacks in the creativity department so she was very proud of this as was I, plus it looks and sounds great! 

Roasted carrots and broccoli topped with quinoa and pesto.... uh YUM! 

Those are my at home dishes so come the summer months you will be seeing them often! 

I was still kind of hungry after dinner last night so I had a little bowl of yogi granola crisps and some skim milk, hit the spot! 

I woke up still a little sore and completely not in the mood for speedwork. I did the old bargaining trick of "just try, you don't have to finish, you can only go 2 instead of 3 miles, you can finish on the ET etc." so I got out of bed, get ready and headed to the gym!

First I had a piece of whole wheat bread with cottage cheese and cinnamon

I always, always eat something before I work out. I honestly don't understand how some people don't especially first thing in the morning, I wake up hungry! I of course like many people can't run on a totally full stomach so I go for a snack of carbs and a little protein and I'm set to go!

I actually did finish my speed work! I got in 3 miles in 27 minutes with a combination of fast runs, sprints and walks.  I wanted to stop at one point but I pushed myself and got it done, and it felt good! I'm getting new shoes today so I wanted to do my old one's proud =). 

I then did some full body weights and core work for about 40 minutes and called it a great workout!

Breakfast came in the form of eggy oats, thanks for the idea Allie!

Oatmeal cooked in milk and water, egg whites, chocolate whey protein, a ton of craisins 

All cooked up in mint tea for flavor! Topped with cinnamon and truvia 

With orange, passion fruit, jasmine, green tea

Super good and super muscle repairing!

Agenda for the day... class and studying, see you later!

How do you get motivated to workout? Do you bargain? 
What's your favorite fruit to have with chocolate? Banana for sure for me!


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