Friday, January 28, 2011

Go to fave for a Friday

 Hey there again! Pretty standard day around here in permanent land. I had class, work/lunch, class, homework and now chill/ dinner time as a great start to the weekend!

I am on a meal plan at school but it's what they call "reduced", my school serves 20 meals a week and I have access to any 14 per week that I choose so some days I get lunch at school and some days I pack it, today I packed!

"Tofu salad" made with tofu, hummus, nutritional yeast, garlic salt,
red pepper flakes and some chopped celery

Served on Mary's Crackers recommended per Angela's blog!

In the process of being packed

And for more of my two favorite P's... protein and produce
Cottage cheese with wheat germ 

Baby carrots and dried fruit
(it was more than it looks, the baggie is big!)

This was consumed at work and wad delicious! Everything got dipped in everything and all was happy =)

After work I headed to human biology and after two hours called it a weekend! (Almost a little more homework was done). After bio when I got back to my room I had a mixed berry/chocolate/ protein smoothie made with whey protein and skim milk but didn't snap a picture as I was distracted by hunger and reading.

A little while later dinner got started... I went for a combo of my favorites to say "yay Friday!"

Scrambled egg whites with PB&J, mixed steamed veggies

Hot sauce on eggs makes everything better! The bread is gluten free milled flax, I am by no means gluten free but sometimes I buy products like this because they are delicious and it's an easy way to get alternative grains/nutrition in!

Lotsa dippin ketchup on the side! I need a lot because both
eggs and veggie go in it.

My dinner companions! That is my "dog" Cinnamon
and Leo DiCaprio via Shutter Island!

I am currently enjoying aforementioned movie, so glad to find it on Netfilx, been wanting to see it forever! I also have an 8 mile run in the morning for my 1/2 marathon training that I think I may get to do outside! It's always touch and go with Wisconsin winters. 

Oh and dessert was 1 dark chocolate square, a little skim milk and 3 biscoff cookies... yes they come in packs of two but three seemed more appropriate for cookie friday!

Hope everyone had a great Friday! Happy weekend! 

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