Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gorgeous Genius

No I am not vainly describing myself... I am currently watching Good Will Hunting wishing that I had Matt Damon because of course he is A)Matt Damon and B) I have a biology test next week!

Science woes aside I had quite a productive and relaxing Saturday, what a great combo! I organized, vacuumed, home-worked  and chillaxed. Oh and of course some eating was involved as well!

After organizing my shoes, food, some clothes (I thought about taking before and after of food but I was too embarrassed about the before) and vacuuming I set out on working on homework and snackage. I had a glass of milk and some Ambrosial Musli cereal which I recently order quite a bit of from Amazon, I thought I was getting 3 bags but somehow I ended up with 6... good thing I'm really diggin' it!

I finished up the work I had planned to do and then some and FINALLY got in the shower (gross I know) and settled down and decided I could watch a movie... enter my gorgeous genius =). About 40 minutes in I paused it to make dinner.

This is SUPER tasty! Whole wheat rotitni with "meat sauce" (leftover canned veggie chilli), melted mozzarella cheese stick, brocs and cauliflower with ketchup for dippage!

Melty cheese and dried pineapple for a little texture/tasty sweetness

Quite delish! I am currently enjoying it with the second half of my movie. I have no plans tonight so I'm debating either another movie (I'm thinking "The Last Song") or maybe starting a new book? I really want to read "On the Road" which has been on my shelf forever but I always get nervous to start pleasure books during school, we'll see!

Hope you all had awesome Saturdays and that you have very Sunday type plans! (e.g laundry and relaxing)


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