Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's talk Politics

Don't worry we won't get too in depth... I don't want any hate mail or anything! I've never talked politics before basically because that's not what the blog is about ,but, fun fact about me is I am very interested in them and grew up in a somewhat political family.


We would watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report every night during dinner! I also spent my Halloween weekend on a whirlwind trip to DC to go the the Rally to Restore Sanity!

I've mentioned before that I go to school in Wisconsin and if you are familiar with what is going on at the WI capital you can imagine that it has spread to a tiny, liberal arts, hippie campus like mine. Given my new found dislike of Scott Walker and my love of activism you can imagine how dumb excited I was to be standing right outside of my dorm, on my campus of merely 1250 students, roughly three feet from this person..



Reverend Jesse Jackson.... I DIED.

I sadly didn't get to meet or talk to him but I probably would have fainted anyway, I was nervous taking pictures! He was here with the Autonomous Solidarity Organization and WI senator Tim Cullen to promote voting to stop the bill that is currently being passed in WI.


ASO Speaker

For lunch I packed a salad with 1/2 a bag of spinach, a red pepper, 1/2 an avocado, salsa, the rest of my chili-lime white bean dip and nooch. Plus two pieces of Ezekiel sesame bread.


I was SUPER snacky this afternoon

I had this bowl x3 plus some more not plated *by the way I'm having NO issue making it through my twelve bags of pretzels... I'm already down to 10, if the addiction is wrong I don't want to be right!*


Plus a peanut butter chocolate protein bar

plus a zillion handfuls of butter cashews and dark chocolate almonds (flavored nuts are too dangerous)

I took a break and shockingly actually got somewhat hungry for dinner though not starving so I made some scrambled egg whites with cheese, fruit and a sprouted grain english muffin with smart balance and fruit spread.


Followed by a few handfuls of trail mix

(what is WITH me and the snack food!?)

I'm off to attempt at some homework but more likely fall asleep =)



Are there any celebrities or political figures you have met or would love to meet?

What's your latest snacking addiction? PRETZELS AND NUT BUTTER... though that's not new =)

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