Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project New Nutrition Update 2

Project New Nutrition

Update Number 1

Physically things have been going wonderfully! I have been curling 15 LBS on a regular basis and my 15LBS rows and dead-lifts are beginning to feel easier so I should be moving up soon! I am also running faster and feel like I am recovering between workouts so much better (shocker).

I have seen massive improvement especially in my hair, for the first time in almost a year it's not coming out in chunks every time I wash it! My skin is still very dry although I put lotion on daily. I think I am in need of more omega-3's.

Mentally has been good and bad. I have been struggling more with fat talk because I have put on weight (which I needed to!) but of course ED is not happy about it. Of course this is a common problem among young girls and I just keep reading healthy tipping point and trying to overcome it!

The other thing I have been struggling with is fear of restriction. If I accidently let myself get overly hungry I end up somewhat compulsively overeating. I think this is because my body is so afraid that I am restricting again.

I am trying to make it a point to focus on intuitive eating which is scary for me because it makes me realize how much I need and it tends to feel like "too much" although it is not.

My new smaller goals are to incorporate more protein in general and find ways to convince my body and myself that I will not restrict .

I did an interval bike workout this morning (covered 15 miles and 62 minutes in total)

Then held plank



For breakfast I had two whole grain waffles, one with cashew butter and honey and one with cream cheese and fruit spread. Plus a bundle of grapes


I used this cashew butter from my massive new stock. I love it, this kind really tastes like cashews!


Off to study, bio exam this week!



How is life for you in general?

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  1. sounds great!! rmbr that in order to gain weight your going to need to eat more than what you wouldi fyou intuitively ate.. cuz your gna need more to gain not maintain!. (thats just something I had to do when I had my EDs). your plank time is SO FREAKIN AMAZING!! great job Caitlin!