Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project New Nutrition

Hi all! I am feeling SO much better, my room is 98% set up! Also this afternoon...

I ran an unplanned 3.17 miles in 30 minutes. I was a beautiful spring day and I needed a break from unpacking. This was really fast for me and it felt great!


I had this x3 plus a second of the cookies my friend made and a dipped a few pretzels in cream cheese which I have been craving forever and let myself buy today at walmart (big mental step for me!)

Alright so I've been thinking about how to approach my current problem ever since this post. First I will start by talking about my recent eats.

My body is under weight and under nourished. My brain has been deprived of many things I love for almost a year and I have become fearful. For the past few days I have been working on re-feeding my metabolism and taking power away from fear foods by eating them whenever they look good.

This will not be the case forever. However right now I am not worried about it because I am trying to gain weight. I can already feel that I will not always want the more unhealthy foods and soon enough I will be able to have them in moderation with mostly healthy foods and not feel bad about it.

It is scary for me so I've decided to start a new series called "Project New Nutrition" to remind myself why good nutrition is important, hold myself accountable and keep track of my goals!

Goals before the 1/2 marathon (May 15)

Weights (3 sets of 12)

15 LB biceps curls

20 LB rows

12 LB kickbacks

25 LB deadlifts

**In order to gain muscle, you have to gain weight! I will need to fuel a lot to make these goals!**

3 miles in 25 minutes

6 miles in 60 minutes

What else I will track

Hair and skin health (My hair has been thinning out since July and my skin is very, very dry)

Mentally negative thoughts

Calorie counting and food measuring (two habits I WILL break)

*I will measure things like oatmeal for textures sake and if inventing or following a recipe but not for calories sake**

Allowing myself to eat what I want while balancing with health

I will give updates if valid to the current post and I will give a longer update every Sunday evening!

I will also not be weighing myself. Once I feel that I look healthy and am on a good track for my goals I will be moving to intuitive eating, cutting back on snacks and desserts and not be taking so many random handfuls of things.

For dinner I made amazing tofu! I had some good steps with this in that I just made the whole block so I have some leftovers and couldn't measure out a serving, I just had what looked like a good amount! I also did measure the olive oil in the pan, I just put a lid full which was enough to coat it.

I seasoned the tofu with garlic salt, red pepper flakes and lemon juice... it is SO GOOD I'm thrilled to have leftovers!


Over a spinach with strawberries, mushrooms, raisins, celery and feta and this dressing that I got today


Go buy this now. That is all.

I also had sesame bread with smart balance light, truvia and cinnamon and already got out a dessert!


Brought these back! They were my favorite when I was younger!



How was your weekend?

What was your favorite dessert when you were a kid? Strawberry shortcake!


  1. Project New Nutrition = awesome :).

  2. i think this sounds great! please let us know how it goes!