Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project New Nutrition: Week 1 Update

So this was my first official week of Project New Nutrition. Here are the major updates.


1) My clothes have started to fit a little more snugly! They are not too small because most have them had gotten too big so now I guess I should say my clothes are fitting!

2) I have done a fairly good job not calorie counting or measuring. I have only measured for recipes and oats. I have tried a couple of times to count calories in my head but I have beaten those thoughts down.

3) I have been having many fear foods more frequently

4) I have more energy Goal Success: I curled 15 LBS on Friday morning!

5) I went out on Friday night for the first time all school year

Now that my clothes are fitting again and I am feeling so much better I am not making it so much of a point to get as many calories as possible in the day. I am not opposed to gaining a little more weight but it is no longer a primary goal.

Needs Work/ What's Next

1) Honestly, I am still working on following my hunger cues. For the weeks when I was trying to gain I simply ate all of the time. I am now transitioning to not counting calories and trying to maintain my weight... something I have never done.

2) I am trying to figure out what works best for me in terms of big meals vs. a lot of snacks. I'm thinking it really is going to depend on the day, which classes I can have snack in etc.

3) I am having a problem incorporate desserts into not gaining and not counting. I do not want to restrict myself but I feel that if I am not counting I'm not sure if I have "room" for dessert. Something I really need to overcome. *I'm just going to try and remind myself "moderation"*

4) I keep going back and forth with fat talk and positive self image talk. Sometimes I look in the mirror and really think I do look better and sometimes I think that all of my "hard work" was undone so easily.

I did a lot of home work and blog reading today... hey there rainy Sunday.


For lunch I had an awesome wrap of avocado, hummus, spinach and artichoke hearts. Along with an apple, cottage cheese and cinnamon.


I decided that I was for sure going to yoga at 4. Around 3 I thought I could get some reading done during a really easy bike workout. Since it was going to be an easy though long workout I had a hearty snack to get me through. Sesame toast with a bunch of almond butter and a little jelly.


By the way, I brought this back from spring break... I don't want to turn my back on Barney Butter but this stuff is GOOD.


My hearty snack totally did the job! I was only a little hungry when I got out of yoga and my friend was selling green tea smoothies for a fundraiser for Japan so I stopped and got a mango one. It was just green tea and frozen fruit but really good!


For dinner I made a really quick mango-veggie stir fry in a tahini sauce. And had it with a side of brown rice. I'll post the recipe tomorrow!

I'll probably have something with nut butter a little later =)



What do you do on rainy days?

Opinions on rest days vs. "recovery workouts"?

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