Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Not Start Your Week

Realize you forgot to take your birth control all weekend because you are experiencing an unexpected visit from a certain aunt.

Experience a potential new running injury. 2.25 miles into my 3 mile run my left shin was screaming. I think it's the transition form sand to pavement, Don't worry, foam roll action had already ensued.


Fart out loud while lifting weights in front of the cute weight room attendant... it happened, I'm trying to let it go.

Come back to your room to this  



Forgot I put that in the freezer yesterday...

How TO start your week

Take Heather's advice and put chia seed in your overnight oats


Last night mixed oats, chias, cherry extract, stevia, chocolate protein powder and stevia


This morning topped with a banana, salty cashews, more milk and salt<-- key to deliciousness! Cinnamon was of course added too.

These may have been the greatest overnight oats ever, I might have a hard time going back to the yogurt variety.



How were the first few hours of your week?

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  1. oh dear!!!!! aat least you got those good oats! it can only go up from here! the first few hours were great! i did a great long treadmill run for me!