Monday, March 28, 2011

I am Going to Turn Into


A gigantic nut. Without a doubt. Let's just sum this up. As seen in my morning post, this weekend I bought salted cashews, dark chocolate almonds and butter toffee peanuts.

In the mail today from the amazing PerMa I got the same dark chocolate almonds, dill pickle cashews, butter cashews, cashew butter and almond, peanut cashew butter (seen above).


Plus a workout shirt, earrings and protein bars


How well she knows me =D.


From myself in the form of amazon I got cashew butter (good thing I like cashews), macadamia nut butter and PB2. I need to cancel my amazon account... although PerDa did just front me some extra cash <3... nut butter enabler =)

So that's four new jars of nut butter and five new jars of nuts... my good cholesterol will be through the roof!

DSCI0241.JPG Clearly the nut of the moment

Can we just talk about how all of this sparked my nut butter tooth to an insane level? I started with this snack.


I continued to sample most of my new products through the afternoon. I wasn't starving for a "real meal" for dinner so I made a bowl... with more nuts.


Yogurt, sweet potato, pretzels, cheerios, all kinds of nuts, dried fruit and nut butter and honey. Totally random but still healthy so I'm ok with it! It actually started here...


But by the time I sat down to eat a handful of homemade snack mix (cashews, almonds, cheerios, dried cherries and raisins) appeared on it along with a little drizzle of sunflower butter.

I also had some dark chocolate and more butter cashews. What is with me and breakfast for dinner lately? I have so much dinner type food to use up before school is over I hope my want for it comes back soon!


For lunch I mixed a cup of lima beans with feta and cranberries and dijon plus two corn tortillas and an apple. So there was a little green and freshness today =).

My nut butter escapade was delicious but I am jonsing for greenage! I have my big salad packed up for lunch tomorrow! For some reason I love when I crave vegetables, it makes me feel like a health dork =).

Now what someone has to convince me to do is NOT order more barney butter... I'm very much almost out!



Are you an online shopping addict? I browse a lot but the only place I order from on the regs is amazon... probably because they have my card number saved =(.

Favorite type of nut/nut butter? I refuse to pick, clearly I love them all! I do go in kicks (on a cashew one now) and I will say that I always prefer crunchy over smooth though I'm not opposed to smooth! I hope I get on a walnut kick soon... I have a TON!

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  1. oh i LOVE nuts and nut butter! i eat a solid 6 servings a day of that stuff! pb and pecan and almond are my fav!