Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad Blogger Update

I'm so sorry I've left you guys hanging for the past few posts! I had an emotional and tired day yesterday and just had to pick some things to not do. I do love you all very much and it won't happen again!

Here's what my life has looked like

A long power walk yesterday morning that ended at walgreens and sale on nuts and dried fruit= dream come true


I also got another bag of cherries


Salad with vegan burger, spinach and tomatoes topped with dijon. A brown rice wrap with avocado and chili-lime white bean dip for lunch yesterday.


Burt's Bees new tinted lip balm... great color and texture, love it!


Post yoga class breakfast for dinner. French toast made with torn up pita and coconut extract mixed with the eggs (so good!) Topped with almond butter and fruit spread, frozen peaches and strawberries on the side.


A few to many of these amazing new cookie find for dessert. Organic dark chocolate oreos, crack ... heaven


Throwing away an entire newly open chobani tub that said it expired April 7... clearly a lie, just rude.

a 3 mile run and 30 minutes of lifting followed by


Last night: oats, lemon tea, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, two scoops yogurt ( I had another tub)


Topped with strawberries

In my almost gone MaraNatha almond butter jar =(.

These were amazing, I highly recommend making oats with tea for flavoring! For hot oats just put the tea bag in while cooking them, for overnight use the tea as your liquid or part of your liquid.

whew that was long! I will give you a project new nutrition update tonight!



Tell me about your Sunday!

What's your favorite way to flavor oats?


  1. oo oats with tea is so clever!!! hmm my sunday was workout.. do nothing! haah i cnt walk every well with my foot.. sooooo it was very chill!

  2. I love flavoring oats with tea - especially Starbucks passion! :)