Sunday, March 27, 2011

Never go to Bed Angry


For whatever reason I woke up pretty much exactly like this. I think it just to do with the fact that for various reasons I went to bed not in the greatest mood and I was way too tired to begin with.

Ask anyone who knows me, when I get tired I get in a mindset of "I am going to bed and I don't care about anything else". I'm hoping to take a walk in the brisk though sunny weather soon to try and loosen up, it hate starting the day in a bad mood =(.

I was totally not even in the mood to think about breakfast (that's the level on crankiness!)


Rest of the yogurt, a handful of wheat chex, banana and chocolate soynut butter <-- it's delicious, I always forget to use it!

I think the taste of chocolate may be helping a little already =P.



What are you like when you get tired? Not even that cranky from just being tired. I get really quite and no matter what I'm doing just insist on going to bed... nobody will stop me.

Let's get some positivity going! Tell me something you've done recently that made YOU feel awesome about YOU!

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