Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Just a Flesh Wound

Sorry for the late post! I was up until 3... (read what not to do the night before a long run) however even with just 5 hours of sleep somehow magically


Huzzah! Double digits!!

I'm actually not sure about my splits, I know I started pretty fast, middle was slow and the end was in the middle but alot of things distracted me from my garmin... such as exactly at mile 4


When all of a sudden I wasn't running but lying on the sidewalk =) oops. It was my first running fall though so I felt cool (I'm not weird). I didn't know whether to keep going or not but I decided to try and then ended up finishing! I also had to run back to campus to pee around mile 5... and my iPod died, and it started snowing.

I'm just as surprised as you are to hear myself say it was actually a great run!

I did have a cliff bar before and for a quick refuel


Parfait in an almost empty PB jar! nut butter straight up has been my bedtime snack of choice recently so I'm gaining a good amount of parfair and oat worthy jars


Yogurt, quakers oat squares, banana, honey, cinnamon, PB= Perfection

Off to grocery and homework land!



Do you normally stay up late? I used to all of the time but now I NEVER do, I did have a great time though =)

Have you ever fallen on a run? Are you clumsy in general? People will tell you (and they're right) that I am the clumsiest person ever, I'm shocked this is my first running fall.


  1. WOW! that is a tough run- you are going to need some serious refueling all day for that!!
    i usually dont stay up THAT late. haha 1:30 would be late for me!.. never fell on a run but i did have a bird poop on me :(

  2. I fell today, too, weird!!! First time in 2 years...I was deep in thought about trying a Green Monster smoothie & forgot to lift my feet up. Luckily had two layers on so no blood, just a hole in layer #2 :).

  3. I've fallen on many runs! I have the scars to prove it. I'm really clumsy!

  4. Haha, I fall all. the. time on my trail runs. 10 miles, that's awesome! and so is your bfast jar.

  5. I've (touch wood) never hit the floor whilst running with any part of me other than my feet :) Your breakfast looks yummy - I'm always so boring, I just wash out old peanut butter tubs!! Never again!