Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My throat hurts

And I swear if I get sick there will be tears. I need some sleepy sleep so I'm sorry for the speedy recap!DSCI0276.JPG

Lunch was a salad with a serving of barley, sweet peas, black eyes peas, 1/2 a big tomato and 1/2 a cucumber topped with superfruit berry vin plus a strawberry chobani repackaged for no chance of bursting. Oh and bio exam studying =)


With a nice view from the science center


Snacking on some butter crunch cashews. pretzels and dried cherries (had more than pictured... trust)


Someday I will have DINNER for dinner I promise but my eggs actually expired yesterday and for me redundancy trumps wasting food. I did put a spin on my omelet. I mixed the eggs with cinnamon and stevia and then stuffed it with macadamia nut and cashew butter.


And topped it with microwaved frozen bloobs and banana slices with some baked sweet potato slices on the side. I've been way snacky again tonight... once again my hunger seems to wait until I get back to my room in the evening, if anyone has a solution please let me know!



How often do you get sick? Um... never, that's why I'm so upset

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