Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Fruity

**Have you seen my Honestly Hungry post? If not please read it. Thanks!**

Happy Saturday! Although I'm not so happy to be leaving spring break but at least it means the semester is halfway over! My morning has gone like this

Wake up

30 minutes yoga


Toast with tomato

45 minute power walk on the beach with PerMa


Using up fruit/food last minute OOIAJ! Yes we killed this almond butter jar on our 6 day vacation... no shame


This overflowing beauty is about 1/2 overnight oats, the rest of the almond butter

and then

1/2 a very large banana

4 strawberries

the rest of the mango

a few scoops cottage cheese


topped with fruit to picture sake =)


I may have some more fruit during the morning depending on how I'm feeling, lunch will be at the airport and I've packed dinner food. See you probably late tonight!



What's your favorite fruit? Hardest question ever?! My top choices are melon, mango and pineapple

How do you deal with eats on travel days? I'm pretty good about packing most things, I normally buy coffee and maybe snack but lunch as well will be bought today.

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