Sunday, March 13, 2011

Early to bed...

Sorry I didn't visit you last night! I got back to my dorm late and had to unpack and things and then I totally crashed, traveling makes me sleepy!

Although that is part of the reason I am up at 6 AM on a Sunday... being in a different time zone+daylight savings+ early bedtime= very early to rise!

Our travel lunch choices were somewhat limited so we settled on Baja Fresh... not impressed


It's hard to tell from the picture but the portion was actually tiny! Not even 1/2 cup of beans! I guess I should actually be happy about this normally portions sizes are out of control and if you have too little you can always find something else!


My first frozen yogurt! Did you think I would leave spring break without one last cool treat? Small chocolate/vanilla swirled frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries, sprinkles and cookie dough.

On the plane I munched on pretzels and some twizzlers. When I got off I was craving some good veggies!


There was a great custom salad place right outside my gate! This is eggs, corn, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes and spring greens in strawberry balsamic. I had some snap peas that I brought along so I threw some in their as well. I also had a bean dip wrap packed so I had 1/2 with it


And grabbed this which was good!

On my 3 hour bus ride back to school I ended up eating the other 1/2 of the wrap, more pretzels and twizzlers, a granola bar, a raspberry dark chocolate square and some baby carrots.

When I have to wait when I travel, I spend money, it's bad. I waited at the bus stop for a cab for 30 minutes and ended up with



I munched on most of the cookies as I unpacked plus a chocolate turtle, newmans own PB cup and a few handfuls of goldfish and granola.


This very early morning I'm having a bowl of greek yogurt, wheat chex, raw oats, a few oat squares, raisins, craisins, a little dark chocolate dreams and sunflower seed butter.

**I know my eating seems very odd in this post. Some of it is explained here. Further explanation will come tonight in a post I'm very excited for!**

I'm going to WalMart today for some very exciting new room buys, see you this afternoon!



How do you deal with travel boredom? I walk around the airport and spend too much money =(

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  1. wait sun maid makes cookies!?! woah!... ahah i read all the magazines at the airport!