Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Ending for a Sad Event

**Did you see my post from last night? If not please go read it. Thanks!**

This afternoon some snackage indluded


Kashi and banana


Pretzels with almond butter and jelly

plus some licorice jelly beans, Saltines, cantaloups and a string cheese

It's our last night of vacation =(. Very very sad but we decided to make it a fun one!


New dress to go out! 30 minutes later...


Downtown St. Petersburg!

We went to an awesome place called Central Organics


Loved the casual, open air vibe

I started with my first ever wheat grass shot for fun...




It actually wasn't too bad! it smelled like a lawn mower but was sweeter than expected. Can't say that I would take it in a larger amount but the shot was fine for sure!


I got the "very veggie" wrap. Cream cheese, FLA avocado, and a but load of veggies in a spinach wrap. Came with a ridiculously fresh side salad with honey mustard dressing.


Shared sweet potato strips! Oven baked... so good!

I killed my wrap, most of the salad, and finished that last few bites of PerMa's hummus wrap. We ate 99.9% of the sweet potatoes together.


One last time =). SImple butter pecan... delicious. I also made away with a good amount of salt water taffy and some dark chocolate coconut patties to bring back to school!

Tonight and tomorrow morning will be packing and tomorrow is traveling! I may not see you until the night so have a great Saturday!



Have you ever tried wheatgrass?

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  1. that looks like so much fun! i love your wrap!! oo never tried wheatgrass- but i would for kicks!