Sunday, February 6, 2011

Won't starve

So many new goodies! I should not be allowed in that Wal-mart for real, I could by so much stuff. I love that it’s huge because it offers many options and that’s what eventually stops me because I get annoyed by the end. 

Although props to them for a great nut butter collection! I just got some naturally more because I’ve been wanting to try it so bad! Hard to pass the PB& Co white chocolate wonderful though, but I have enough sweet nut butter for now =). 
Here some photos of my new stuff

Peppers, carrots, mushrooms, beans (canned and dry), sweet potatoes, spinach, tofu,wheat germ, ketchup, mustard and dairy

Kashi cereal (anyone had this kind?), black cherry fruit spread, barley, whole wheat flax pita, whole wheat english muffins, protein power, protein bars, gum, martha stewart

Pan, one of which I don’t have (now I can make eggs not in the microwave!) and a new bowl that matches my mug =).

And what I’m most excited for!

Naturally More (shout out to broccoli hut), 86% dark chocolate, laughing cow, acorn squash, spinach- artichoke hummus

 I also grabbed my favorite cliff bar for a pre-long run treat. However by 11 I was still waiting to be picked up and was getting super hungry so it was then consumed.  Debated between the high sugar cliff or the somewhat processed protein but in the end cliff won out. 

Love this flavor! Although I’ve only tried three and imagine it may be topped when I get to the peanut toffee buzz that I have stashed.

That bar kept me going a while so I packed lunch for work and got to eat around 2:15

English muffin with swiss laughing cow, strawberry fruit spread and spinach (yum! Thanks to Snackface for inspiration!)

Had with greek yogurt, green peppers, carrots and an apple.
I’ll be having some fresh new groceries for dinner,  can’t wait! 

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