Sunday, February 6, 2011


I tend to stress about a lot of things... school, food choices, training etc. My current ones have been bio, really wanting to avoid injury so I can do the marathon and my sociology paper. Now these would be normal things to stress about but they are made worse by stupid stressing thoughts such as "oh my gosh some day I'm going to have to deal with housing for next year" and "I have a presentation at the end of April! When am I going to do that!?"

So today as I was freaking out about how I was going to cook dinner, study bio and what I was going to have for lunch tomorrow I took a step back. I am AHEAD in ALL of my classes, including bio. I knew what I was having for dinner and knew what I wanted for lunch. I prepped lunch instead of study and now tomorrow I can study DURING lunch easy enough right? I just need to remember to take a minute to realistically plan and I can and will get everything done!

I have been hangry pantalones today... I think I'm still recovering from my run yesterday. I ate to satisfy my hunger yesterday but long runs sometimes give me tummy troubles so it may not have actually been enough. Around 4:30 I had a little bowl of cereal.

Mix of yogi granola and my new sunshine kashi (which I like!) with skim milk

Dinner was an odd combo of what I wanted that ended up working perfectly!
Baked acorn squash with about 1.5 servings of black beans, chopped onion, tomato sauce, siracha and avocado

Proof of said avocado and topped with my daily serving of B12! 

It was SUPER good but a little light, anyone else see dark chocolate and dried chopped dates in my future? 

And in honor of Tina's new blog page...

My two loves! That would be my dog Cinnamon and PB!

Hope we're all enjoying the Super Bowl and getting ready for Monday!


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