Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They were right

A lot of snow was predicted.... they were right.

I was planning this morning I writing a review of my new running shoes but sadly I have not yet run. I got ready for the gym, had a snack and was on my way. My usual 2 minute walk to the gym was transformed into a 10 minute walk by trying to make my way through the drifts only to discover no lights and no staff.
Before I left I had 1/2 and apple from dessert last night and some greek yogurt

Even though my school website says the facilities are open it is not unreasonable to think that simply no coaches could make it in.

I would be more annoyed but already my late morning class has been cancelled so I'm going to check back later.
These boots go almost up to my knees

I trekked back to my room for a real breakfast and some homework

How do you make yourself feel better when the weather's gross and the gym is closed? Chocolate banana peanut butter oats of course!

Oatbran, chocolate whey protein, 2 truvia packets, banana, chobani, and peanut butter bloobs, cinnamon

Black Raspberry black tea

I've decided to call this a warm yogurt bowl! I had a yogurt cup that expired today so I had part with my snack and part with my warm oatbran instead of cooking them with milk! YUM! 

Hope everyone's weather isn't too insane! Stay safe and warm!


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  1. wow! cant beat a pb and chocolate oats combo! looks great! we got a ton of snow (posted on blog) so i know what you mean about all this snow! stay warm!