Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pocket Eggs

This morning when I put my giant, puffy, purple coat on I found a surprise in my pocket! I forgot I grabbed these yesterday from the little snack bar at my school where I stock up on fruit and milk and this was the easiest way to carry them... I think they'll still be alright!

Due to the weather my first class actually got cancelled today but somehow I wasn't on the e-mail list so I left my room and showed up anyway! I called my teacher only to find out no class! I would have preferred to have stayed in but I headed to the library got my bio studying for the day out of the way earlier! 

I usually eat lunch in class Tuesday so I took the pictures in advance but this was actually had in the library
Egg sandwhich with mushrooms, nutritional yeast and pickles on flax bread. May sound gross but it was gooooood! 

Paired with skim milk and "tropical bag"(grapefruit and dried pineapple chunks). 

I actually stretched this afternoon! I want to feel great for my run tomorrow and I do not stretch enough! So I did a stretch/study/snack session!

Wasa lite n' crisp crackers with cottage cheese, carrots and yellow bell peppers with hummus

Dinner was one of my go-to faves

Kidney beans with tahini and pepper
Broccoli and cauliflower with more nutritional yeast because it's so good and so good for you
Sweet potato with cinnamon
There are some apple slices and dark chocolate calling my for dessert! 
The weather is gettin buck crazy! Almost as crazy as pocket eggs! 


How do you motivate yourself to stretch?
Are you INSANELY sick of winter? 

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  1. Yes, INSANELY SICK of winter. And the ice storm that is happening right now!