Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ride Through Random Land

I thought about making this a complaining post because I am already moving too slow this morning but then I thought that I should try to turn things around with positivity! 

Tuesdays and Thursdays I workout on the stationary bike because I so love spin class and this is the closest I get at school. Tuesday is my random workout day as in I set the bike on random mode and zone out with podcasts or magazines for 60 minutes. 

What my workout entailed

Yes, that is the same magazine with two different cover... more randomness? I read the one with Bethenny because I LOOOVE her!

Before I left I had a pure protein bar. I though about omitting this from the post honestly because I was ashamed for not picking more real food. But then I remembered I want to hold myself accountable plus I never want to feel guilty about anything I eat for any reason. And these bars aren't even that horrible, mostly just a ton of protein isolates, they fill me up and taste delicious! I really like them for after strength sessions if I have to run somewhere I don't have time to have a meal or make a smoothie.

As I said I had been moving kind of slow (plus I forgot my shoes to go to the gym and had to turn around) so to feel better I put on a colorful outfit, a new shade of eyeshadow and planned a yummy lunch to look forward to! 

For breakfast I wanted cinnamon but it didn't seem very substantial so I put in on a yogurt bowl

6 oz 0% Chobani, wheat chex, pumpkin, 1/2 banana, wheat germ, stevia and cinnamon

And of course Almond Butter! I have MAD love for Crunchy Barney Butter, which is why I have 3 big jar for backup that I ordered from Amazon =).

And some cinnamon apple green tea, for more cinnamon! I'm also going to have some milky hazelnut coffee because clearly it might be that kind of day. 

Off to Brit Lit! We're have a blizzard warning that's supposed to get worse tonight and go until tomorrow morning, yikes!


How do you pump yourself up on a yucky morning?
What's your kind of relaxing workout?
What reality TV show or star do you LOVE?

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