Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look ma, new shoes!

Earlier this week I got and awesome package from home!

Coffee, lentils, nutritional yeast, weighted hand gloves, Cleveland book mark, dried fruit, index cards, and a super cute purple water bottle 

And of course... These bad boys!

They are Nike Zoom Structure's, new brand for me!

After my mild gym disaster this morning, I made my way back after breakfast and they had finally opened so I broke in my new shoes with a 5 mile tempo run.
I like them! They were of course still stiff but I had been having a little ankle pain recently and it was all gone with these on, I think we will be good friends! 

Although I'll probably be needing new one's soon enough because today I officially registered for the 2011 Chicago Marathon! I am crazy excited, this will be my first marathon so I'm glad to make it a good one! I go to school about 1.5 hours from Chicago so I can bus there, spend the weekend and bus back! The other exciting news about this? MY MOM WILL BE RUNNING IT WITH ME! She's been a runner for years and she did her first and "last" marathon in 2005. She's done several half's but my wanting so bad to do this got her into it too, yay!!!! 

After my run and 40 minute lift/stretch session I had a Caranation Instant Breakfast for recovery (no time to make a protein shake!)

My schedule was all thrown off today because of my first cancelled class and not being sure if my afternoon one would be on (it was) so I planned to just get lunch from the snack bar at school. Hummus sounded good but not bread... what to do? What kind of carbs sound good? OMG BAGEL!!

Whole wheat bagel with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and hummus pickle and yogurt on the side. Consumed at work.

This yogurt has aspartame which I don't care for but I love them along with diet coke so I allow myself 1-2 of either or per week. 

After class I ran back to work for a meeting and had this on the way. 
I am a larabar fan but they all taste kind of similar... maybe I should try a fruity kind? I have a prediction that all the chocolaty kinds taste similar and all the fruity kinds taste similar. 

I think dinner will be consumed actually in the dining hall tonight (rare occurrence) to save time but more about the upcoming crazy schedule later! Not looking forward to the next few nights....

Hope your day has been more sane then mine!


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  1. Wow congrats on registering for the marathon!! That is so exciting! And I want a bagel with hummus soo badly right now. Haha nice new shoes too :)