Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Challenges of the day

Normally I love my work study. I get work in the theatre box office selling tickets for the upcoming shows. However a few times a semester I have several late nights, grumpy audiences and fancy clothes. I must usher for the shows. That means be there at seven and don't leave until probably after ten. This may not seem like a big deal for a college student but I am a home body and I am bad at late nights, but alas it's how I'm going to pay for my upcoming marathon! It makes for some difficult planning and incorporating a few more treats to bribe and reward myself for going =). 

Due to this I had dinner in the dinning hall tonight where on  the rare occasion that I go I hit up the salad bar for a hugh jass salad but I was pleasantly surprised to find this hot dish. 

Butter nut white bean vegan cassoulet (hot sauce was later added)

With a pile o' veggies that included greens, carrots, mushrooms, beets and cauliflower 

And because I hardly ever venture to commons....

Chocolate/vanilla swirl frozen yogurt in cake cone

I will admit this meal was a little tough for me. I like to prepare my own food so that was one thing. I also felt like I had already had a good amount to eat today but I was still slightly hungry after my real meal and was DYING for this fro-yo. So I not only had it because I wanted it but also because I thought I shouldn't. I am alright with skipping treats for health if you have them often enough to keep you satisfied but I was going to skip it for the wrong reasons so I made sure to have it. 

I am currently at work (go me!) which gives me time for more bio studying! Hope you had a great day!


Why would you skip or have something not so healthy?
How do you motivate yourself when exhausted? 

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