Friday, February 4, 2011

Out Early!

Or I should say home early! My rockin boss let me out of work early because I told him I have to go to bed early =). He didn't even ask why but I want to get a good amount of sleep in case I can get up early enough to run outside! 

See I set my alarm to run outside because I like to do it early and I check the weather then. If it is way too cold I eat a good breakfast and do some homework and then head to the gym which doesn't open until 10 on Saturday. 

Before work I had a SUPER good and slightly more creative dinner!

Loaded salad and baked sweet potato (with cinnamon and ketchup, shocker)

Salad was a mix of spinach, red pepper, mushrooms, carrots, TVP, Bell pepper and coconut sauce and avocado

I love the TVP! It gets so voluminous in the microwave and can be topped and flavored in absolutely anyway! It's good plain too... I may or may not know this from licking the bowl I cooked it in... ;)

I topped my salad with nutritional yeast, some Bragg's, garlic salt and red pepper flakes

It was bursting with color and flavor! I love to experiment with topping my salads with a variety of marinade and seasonings to keep things interesting. 

I am now home from work enjoying the amazing snack above. That is a big bloob of PB and Co. cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter, holy. yum. With a side of Meet the Parents!

See you in the morning either post outdoor run or pre indoor


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