Monday, February 21, 2011

Go Green

Guten morgen alles! Did you know I took German in high school? I also took French for three years and Hungarian for a semester! Alright random facts aside when I walked out of the door to go to the gym this morning I almost totally wiped out! Luckily I caught my balance but over night the entire ground of my campus has become a sheet of ice... ugh Florida now please!

I've decided to not try to run until Saturday for a long run, I miss it very much but I know this is for the best =(. I did a 17 minute interval bike workout follow by 5 minutes on the ET and then 45 minutes of full body weights and core. It felt good but I was sad to not be running! I then came back to my room for some quick foam rolling that felt awesome. Before I left


1/2 banana with a good scoop of naturally more PB

I had time to do a little foam rolling when I got back because yesterday afternoon I got breakfast 100% ready to go!


Overnight chocolate pumpkin oats! In the mix

What was left of the greek yogurt container (Maybe 1/4 cup?)

1/3 cup Ambrosial Muesli

1/2 cup pumpkin

1/4 cup skim milk

1 scoop chocolate whey protein

pumpkin pie spice

vanilla extract

stevia packet


Insane gooeyness=happy Caitlin


Peppermint and green tea combo for comfort and coffee will be coming to class with me! I like and don't like using the muesli for the same reason. It already has all the fun amazing mix-in's (seeds, dried fruit, etc) so it's super convenient but not quite as much fun! Though is is delicious!

I've decided to make some Monday-mini week goals! Mine are

Drink at least one cup of green tea per day (my roommate is sick... blah)

Continue with my balance challenge

Try to eat more nuts in place of some nut butter

Run at least one day

Foam roll/stretch/ yoga (Three weeks in a row hopefully!)



What are your small goals for the week?

Do you speak another language?

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  1. Je parle un peu de francaise, mais je desolee - c'est tres mal :(. Getting taxes & FAFSA's filed is my goal for the week!