Sunday, February 20, 2011

Egg Lovin'

Hey all, sorry for the late post work went way longer than anticipated but it will hopefully be shorter from now on! I have to work nights tomorrow, Tuesday, Saturday and next Wednesday which isn't too horrible at all!

This afternoon I got some good studying in so I went for a quick power walk on the treadmill (1.50 miles in 21 minutes) and then to yoga club. Yoga was a great, challenging but not too crazy flow. I'm really lucky and should take more advantage because my school is so tiny but there is an amazing student who is a certified vinyasa teacher who was nice enough to start the club.

I wasn't starving before I left but I was low blood sugar enough to know that lunch was not going to last me another 2 hours so before I left I finished off my bag of honey wheats (the old one, not the one I got yesterday!) and some barney butter


Totally did the trick! I was planning most of the afternoon on having a TVP burrito for dinner but during yoga I realized that the only one thing was going to satisfy me which was a cheesy omelette


Omelette made with 1 egg+1/3 cup whites, mushrooms, yellow bell pepper some minced garlic and ooey, gooey cheese


With some 9 grain, garlic-black bean tortilla chips


Over spinach with a side of salsa for both eggs and chips! I <3 Eggs

I was still a little hungry after and in the mood for something sweet so I had a chocolate pure protein bar on the way to work and now and having two wasa crisp and light crackers one with dark chocolate dreams PB and one with barney butter.

Alright I am SLEEPY, see you in the morning!



Do you adore eggs? Yes! They are versatile, nutritious and can be super easy when needed!

PB or Almond butter? TOUGH! How about a tie between PB and Barney butter?

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