Monday, February 21, 2011


When I was debating a post topic for the evening I ended up as well taking out my vitamin supply that I take during dinner and thought perfect!

I take vitamins everyday. I know that there is controversy on the topic but to be honest I don't really understand it too much. I realize that it is not good if people are fully relying on vitamins fro nutrients but it is difficult even for those of us who make an effort to get everything we need in the right amount everyday from just food. Some of what I take is actually doctor recommended and the rest are PerMa prescribed =). I take

A womyn's multi-vitamin


Vitamin D

Vitamin C

Iron (doctor)

Biotin (doctor)

Flaxseed oil (doctor)

Seems like a lot but it's a fact!

As for my food nutrients today I actually came back to my room for lunch DSCI0010.JPG

Some warm bread with spinach-artichoke hummus, tomato slices and a little dijon. Along with a side spinach salad topped with sunflower seeds, raisins, white whine vinegar and a little agave.

After a major bio break through thanks to my TA (thanks Leah!) I had a snack of


Greek yogurt and PB filled pretzels (these are whole grain and natural PB... LOVE) sprinkled with cinnamon

And for dinner I really wanted lentils but had no idea what to do with them even as I watched them cook so I ended up throwing together a mish-mosh dinner bowl


1/4 cup lentils measured dry

1/4th block tofu

1/2 large apple

3 mushrooms

a few baby carrots

~5 chopped walnuts

All in sun-dried tomato italian vinaigrette

Totally works!

I'm blogging as I eat before work tonight (I actually often blog as I eat but I don't always have work =P) but snacks will for sure be consumed, perhaps multiple depending on how long work is! Hope your week is off to a great start!



Do you take any vitamins? What's your opinion on the issue?


  1. I take a multi-vitamin and that's it.

    I take this one:

    All natural and loaded with whole foods!

  2. mmm peanut butter filled pretzels? delicious!!