Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All Spoons go to Heaven


RIP tiny spoon, my oatmeal and I will miss you greatly! =(

Other than that minor fiasco I had a good (although VERY cold) day... spring break now please. For lunch at work I made a big 'ol salad. This is what it looked like after being in my backpack for a little while. In the mix



baby carrots

red bell pepper

sweet peas

black eyed peas


nutritional yeast

and the same dressing as last night (I should just make a big batch!)

It took me about 30 minutes to eat this (I'm a slow eater) and after I thought I was still feeling kind of hungry so I waited about another 10 and for sure was so I had an apple too. Hunger satisfied, listen to your body!


I got super wrapped up in homework this afternoon and didn't even think about dinner so Matt from the Athlete's Plate helped me out! He chose nut butter over hummus for me but I hope he will be proud to see I'm having both!


While working I snacked on some pretzels and a laughing cow and for dinner green beans with spinach artichoke hummus


and favorite sandwich in quesadilla form!


Hot and melty PB

cinnamon and honey spiked cottage cheese for dipping.


If you like these ingredients and you have not tried favorite sandwich please do... you will not regret it!


Off to last night of work until Saturday, week's almost over!



What's your go-to dinner food?

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