Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thieves are Cookin'

Thank you very much for the positive feedback on this morning's post. I've also really enjoyed seeing some other blogger address the topic as well, it's all about spreading the awareness!

I actually had a relaxing morning while getting a ton of work done (you all know I am no good a relaxing). I even got to cook ad have it at home (in my dorm) again!


I had a whole wheat wrap with garlic-herb laughing cow and a morning star veggie chik'n patty dipped in salsa. And a side of some mixed veggie with pepper and a little smart balance light (which actually is mostly healthy fats).

How long would something have to be left non-labeled in the communal kitchen before you considered it up for grabs? Because I gave this adorable guy two weeks =)


Afternoon snack was comforting because it is cold and yucky out (actually cold... like in the 20's and snowing)


Whole wheat english muffin with fruit spread and some warmed-up skim milk

I have a recipe for you! There has been a lot of egg salad flying around the blog world lately so it became my inspiration for tonight's dinner. The key to this is all the spices!


Warm TVP Honey-Dijon Salad


1 serving TVP (1/4 cup dry measured)

3 tbsp plain non-fat greek yogurt

1 tsp dijon mustard

1/2 tsp honey

1.5 tbsp raisins

5 baby carrots

3 mushrooms

Big handful of spinach

Red pepper flakes

garlic salt

minced onion

black pepper


~8 almonds chopped for garnish

How To

Cook TVP according to directions on the package. Immediately add yogurt, honey and dijon and stir. Add in raisins and chopped carrots then go to town with your spices! (I also considered adding cinnamon and I still think it would be good). Serve over a bed of spinach and mushrooms, top with chopped almonds and pair with a side grain of your choice.


I had mine with a serving of Mary's Gone Crackers, delish!

I love this because it could be so versatile! You could obviously make it with eggs, tofu or chicken. You can vary up the dried fruit with fresh like apples or pears. You can also change the healthy fat source so easily by drizzling it with EVOO or a different kind of nut or hummus all mixed in too!

Work again tonight, see you for hump-day!



What's your favorite type of nut? I am currently lovin' on cashews but almonds always rock too!

What's your favorite day of the week? Legit Monday because it's a chance to get off to a good start

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  1. Your wrap looks soo good!! I love laughing cow :) Hmmm I go through phases on my favorite nuts, i would probably say pistachios and macadamias although i eat those two the least! My favorite day of the week is probably Friday :) xoxo