Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cure for the Common Cold

*If you are a Beloit student who happens to be reading this, please contact me via facebook or my school e-mail*

Take two parts oatmeal


For breakfast and lunch

One part 3 hour nap

One part netflix instant watch


Every foodie should watch this movie... prepare to be insanely jealous

One english paper draft (very optional)


One thousand plus cups of green tea with lemon

100000000 bottles of water

1 yoga class (if you're feeling well enough, which I was!)

2 rounds of neti pot


I am already feeling SO much better than this morning! Still super tired but an early bedtime should clear that right up! I also got my taste for veggies back! YAY!

pre-yoga toast w/ cashew butter


Dinner hummus, cucs, dijon and spinach in a whole wheat tortilla


steamed cauliflower, carrots and ketchup on the side


dessert was this x3... I should NOT be allowed to keep my favorite cereal around.


I've also realized I didn't set any April goals!! Well I did in my head but I need to tell you all... in the morning =).



What's your favorite cereal?

What are some of your April goals, inspire me!

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