Friday, March 4, 2011


Woah... I just sat down for about the third time all day, I had no idea how beat I was until that moment!

I decided to get the rest of my stuff in one trip... this cart became my best friend


I spent the morning packing and unpacking. I had work at one so I took a break to get a quick workout in (not that carrying all of that wasn't a workout!) I just did 25 minutes of good cardio on the bike and elliptical and about 20 minutes of compound weight moves.


I had an apple before I left


I got done around lunch time but I had some running around to do so I had this to hold me/ for recovery because I was starving.


Lunch was an easy big salad with spinach, a last veggie chik'n pattie, baby carrots, corn, nooch white win vin and garlic salt.


Look what came in the mail! 5 packs of amazing pita!


Luckily my afternoon class was cut VERY short so I had ample time to unpack my room! Mid-set up I had baby carrots and cinnamon raisin swirl PB


Dinner was my last two eggs!! Good job Caitlin! In this craziness is 2 eggs, cheese, asparagus, onion, garlic, ketchup and Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil Garlic salt. I tried to make an omelet but i think the asparagus was too big... that's what she said?


On the side a brown rice wrap with standard smart balance light and fruit spread

DSCI0051.JPGLike my new bowl a very nice girl gave me as I was moving out? I think it's so cute!

I'm not sure when I'll post tomorrow because it will be another crazy day... going to Florida and all!! I can't believe it's spring break because I haven't had any kind of winding-down but I'm still way excited!

Off to finish packing quickly then give myself a beach pedicure and finally relax, night!



Any fun plans for the weekend?

Was your week insane or fairly chill?


  1. My week was a good mix of insane and chill. This weekend will be insanely filled with homework, unfortunately!

  2. i LOVE that pita!! its so expensive when i order it over here though :( :(
    im babysitting this weekend- woo?

  3. wow that looks awesome :) PITA is def one of my favorite things! sadly my week and start of spring break is doing homework homework..and more homework :( lucky me right haha. love your blog!