Saturday, March 5, 2011

Travel Day Recap

Hi All!! I've missed you today! I currently write to you from Florida enjoying a very beach-y treat that is reveled at the end of this post!

My standard travel days from my school go taxi to bus stop, bus ride to Chicago, fly out of Chicago to wherever I'm going. I set my alarm for 7 this morning but woke at 5:45 with no chance of falling asleep... I was way too excited! So I decided to do some yoga.


I knew that this was going to mean I wasn't going to have time to sit for breakfast probably until I was on the bus so I had 1/2 and apple before I started and then munched on the rest as I got ready through the morning. I also had a mug of green tea to get started!


By 7 I was done with an intense flow, 7:45 in the cab, 8:25 on the bus on my way! Good thing I made breakfast travel friendly and it was the perfect delicious start to my break!


I'm super sad this is gone but I'm not gonna lie, once it got towards the end I have been so excited for these overnight oats!


Last night: oats, greek yogurt, milk, dash of vanilla, stevia packet, the last of the PB

This morning: Kashi honey sunshine, yogi cinnamon raisin granola, a few frozen strawberries that mostly thawed by the time I ate

so amazingly amazing (the girl next to me was trying HARD not to judge, I appreciated it =)).


Grabbed some travel essentials. I'm really excited to read that on the beach, any reviews? Plus if you like gum that kind tastes like watermelon jolly rancher!


Almost got this, I thinks he's cute =)



Interesting school reading and waiting at the airport came with a skim latte (always get one when I travel)


Love Southwest gates =)

I packed lunch


whole wheat pita with laughing cow, fruit spread and the very last of my spinach, the last of my baby carrots (finally!) and chili lime roasted chickpeas. I had the sandwich first on the plane, munched on the carrots throughout the flight and the chickpeas as I waited for my mom's flight to land, worked great!

I also had my favorite warm weather drink to celebrate right when I landed =D.


Venti iced green tea... hi summer time!

I was super late when we finally left the airport so we stopped for asian food along the way


Egg rolls shared for an appetizer because we were starving


Pineapple, tofu, tomatoes, zucchini and snap peas in ginger sauce so good! I finished it because it was actually light being mostly veggies, I only had a bite of the rice.

And to celebrate, also went for a beach staple


Ice Cream! I haven't had ice cream or a big dessert in forever so I went all out and I do not regret my choice =D

Coconut and butter pecan ice cream (amazing amazing amazing) with waffle cone, rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream


Actual ice cream and sprinkles hiding


Me=Too Happy

It's been a good day! Hoping to get a beach run in the the morning, see you then!



What are "vacation" foods for you? Ice cream, iced tea, cold cereal, fresh fruit

How was the start to your weekend?

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