Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This One's for Janae

Did you all see my afternoon post? You should check it out!

I spent the morning reading at the pool.. standard.

I may or may not have also spent about 20 minutes swimming in the pool pretending to be a dolphin....

For lunch today I had what started as an omelette and turned into an egg mess.


One egg plus two white with black beans and a bunch of veggies topped in ketchup. Fruit salad on the side.

I went to the pool to read but am unfortunately very sun sensitive which began to show so I headed upstairs to spend some time in the kitchen!


Quick snack of snap peas, almond butter and triscut thins, I would have had more crackers but I saved room because I was making Allie's Banana Bread Oat Bites !


I subbed raisins and craisins for dates and added a tiny bit of honey.


Snack for me and PerMa, topped with PB. These are so good! You must try them, they are also insanely easy!

We also had a can of kidney beans to be used so I made up some dipDSCI0023.JPG


Hand mashed because I did this...



Dinner was eggplant "pizza" on toasted flatouts and a lovely small salad! Simple and delish!


Now for the title of this post! Do you all read Hungry Runner Girl? If not you should it's amazing!!!! If you do you know that Janae has a mad love for candy so this post is dedicated to her!

We walked down the street to get dessert again tonight! This is where we go


It's an awesome old school ice cream and candy store!


All the candy in the world, those baskets have salt water taffy sold by the pound




Homemade fudge



You can sign the walls!

Basically it's adorable and amazing! <3 Candy Kitchen


Tonight I got a small pralines and cream, malt fudge swirl with whipped cream

I also got a 1/2 pound of licorice coins which I will probably munch on some tonight! Running+swimming+on my feet baking+walking to get ice cream= BIG APPETITE!



What's you favorite kind of candy? I don't eat that much candy besides dark chocolate which I love but I am a big fan of gummy bears when I have the urge!

Favorite ice cream flavor? I really do love all flavors but gun to head I'd say strawberry cheesecake


  1. Allie's oat bites look amazing! That girl has so many killer recipes. <3

    Fave ice cream is candy cane with chocolate chunks. Best flavour EVER!

  2. I don't eat candy on a regular basis, but I love Heath bars! So crunchy and delicious :)

  3. Ill take any candy I can get my hands on, haha! (except black licorice!)

  4. im not a huge fan of candy but i LOVE dark chocolate!!! if its vegan icee creamm id take vanilla!!!!!