Friday, March 18, 2011

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

One thing that I have not been doing so great with on Project New Nutrition is balancing healthy food with wants. I have been eating too much crap, especially right after dinner. I have a few concerns with this. Although I don't like that way it makes me feel to eat a ton of sugar in one sitting I am afraid of going back to a restrictive mindset. What I am going to try I right after dinner having some kind of "real" dessert, whatever I want. And then later on before bed having a healthier snack. I think this will satisfy my body and mind.

As I make more progress on moving away from focusing on calories I'm becoming MUCH more interested in how different foods make me feel so I'm going to really try to focus on a variety of calories (my food choices have become extremely redundant). I think I am to the point where I can say to myself "Even though nut butter sounds good, you've had a lot today, does something else sound good?" and not think of it as restrictive.

  Goal starting today to incorporate more calories in healthy food and have smaller treats for treats instead of extra calorie sources. bigger meals and snacks. High calories foods and no eating when not hungry ( I will get hungry!)

I came to these conclusions last night and woke up very excited to get started!

I had an awesome workout, I was feeling really strong today so I did just 20 minutes of very light cardio and 45 minutes of heavy lifting... it was awesome.

And because I've been eating so much nut butter lately... overnight oats in a jar!


Last night :Oats, vanilla protein, greek yogurt, milk, vanilla extract

This morning: Mango, strawberries and spelt flakes

And of course the leftover Barney butter!

Have a great Friday everyone!



Did you workout today? Was it awesome?

What's your dessert strategy if you have a big sweet tooth?

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  1. my workout WAS awesome! i posted it on my post today!.. i think your mindset is really relaly good! truly listening to your body!