Thursday, March 17, 2011

Personal Catch-Up

Do you ever feel like your life is as much work as your work/ school life? My afternoon class was canceled today giving me an extra two hours. Instead of relaxing I celebrated the fact that I could finally catch up with things in MY life instead of school. I did things like

E-mail my grandparents and some friends

wash my hair/shave my legs

Read your blogs (finally!)

Update my iTunes

Paint my nails

and even some homework that's not due for a while so I wasn't stressing

About 30 minutes after breakfast I had this (granola crisps and PB)


Then 45 minutes later I was starving but I couldn't eat my lunch because I had some stuff to do so right before I left I made an almond butter and jelly wrap to go.



I was into seeing people celebrating before noon =). There was also a guy with a beer at 8:30 this morning... in the gym... lifting weights, I laughed out loud.



For lunch I broke the eat your colors rule to honor the holiday! I had a huge salad with spinach, asparagus, cucumber, broccoli, lima beans, sweet peas, snap peas and avocado. Dressed in dijon, white wine vin and garlic salt. It was a very good salad!


One thing I had to do this morning required me to go to the dining hall where I found fresh made, vegan, gluten free chocolate chip cookies! I totally had to grab one to go with lunch. It was delicious! A great soft texture, sweetened (at least partly) with honey and I even detected some banana. Points for my school!


Snack plate

I had more crackers and raisins than this, the crackers were dipped in cream cheese right out of the container


With dips on the side

I've also had

a big handful of cereal, more strawberries

A few handfuls of butter toffee almonds (does anyone know if I can make these? They are too good to not have around 100% of the time)

some cashews

while I had the peanut butter out some sweet potato chips made their way into it as did the rest of my pretzels (can we talk about how I killed a 3/4 pound bag of pretzels from Sunday until today... no shame)

One of my cookies from last night

Told you I've been eating a lot!


Dinner was vegan "cheesy" Mediterranean lentils (recipe posted tomorrow!) with sweet potatoes roasted with evoo, apple cider vinegar cinnamon and paprika and cucumbers with more hummus.



What would you do with two extra hours?

How was your holiday?


  1. Beer in the gym :)? If I had extra time, I would bake & eat some of those cookies!

  2. Its so tight that your school has vegan gluten free cookies! With two extra hours, I would probably relax with the boy or catch up on blogs (how I like to relax!).

  3. i cant wait for that cheezy lentil recipe!! wait the cookie had honey in it?? that aint vegan!! ahah oh well! so many yummy eats today !! :D