Monday, March 14, 2011

New Toy!





I'm too excited. There wasn't enough room in my old room but now that I have one all to myself, I can make space! I've already used it twice. Not in the fanciest way I wanted to but there will be fun creations to come I assure you!


I came back to my room for a quick lunch. I had the rest of my tofu from last night, some in a wrap with cream cheese, fruit spread and spinach (it was actually really good though I wish I'd used laughing cow for the french onion flavor!)

the rest on the side dipped in dijon and tomato slices with white wine vinegar for a little bit of veg action.


Dessert had on the go

In bio today I found out I have a huge project due when? Wednesday. We were apparently supposed to start over break... this passed me up due to the fact it's a partner project!! This is so unlike me so I panicked a little (and scared my poor partner). But in true Caitlin fashion I divvied up the work and got to my half as soon as I got in. Snacks happend


Snack plate 1 (new earth balance creamy PB... fan!)


Blurry snack plate 2

plus 2 graham crackers

Pre-bio I had intentions to cook a legit meal tonight, post bio


Omelette with red pepper, mushrooms and nooch, steamed broc and toasted ezekiel english muffin with smart balance, cinnamon and honey

Dessert was the last of the cookies my friend made plus some ginger snaps, a dark chocolate square and 2 salt water taffys

I'm now finally brain settled and having a mug of cereal with banana, see you in the morning!



How organized are you? Do you get anxious when your organization gets thrown off? VERY and extremely but I'm working on it!


  1. Snacks are the majority of what I eat these days :) That omelet looks really good! I definitely get anxious when im not organized, I have to write everything down or else Ill be afraid of forgetting stuff.

  2. Love the new toaster oven :)!