Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Eats Day!

I actually love when the beginning of my week is busy because it means that it winds down nicely! Basically all of my food today has been nothing short of amazing... love that!

I packed a mexican salad for lunch


In the mess, spinach, red pepper, avocado, nooch, salsa, red onion, jalepenos, black beans and garlic salt

And for the second time I used my new toaster oven...


Homemade Spicy Brown RIce Chips


Cooking spray or olive oil

1 brown rice wrap


chili powder

How To

Preheat oven to 300

Either spray or brush the wrap with oil on both side. Sprinkle one side with cumin and one side with chili powder. Cut into as many chips as you would like. Place on cooking sheet and bake for 6-7 minutes (I did mine for about 9 and clearly they were a little brown... still very good though!

I can't wait to make these again and with different spices!

I was still hungry so I had one of the emergency granola bars I keep in my backpack.

This snack rocked!


I cut up a flat out and toasted it (obsessed) topped each piece with nut butter, cinnamon, honey and raisins. Let's talk about how there are four kinds of nut butter represented on this plate... I couldn't decide =).

Other random snack-

Pretzels dipped in the nut butter while waiting for flat out to toast

a graham cracker

some cashews

a few blueberry nut clusters


Diner type food


This looks crazy but it was almost too good for words.

I made Sarah's broccoli-feta stuffed sweet potato. I followed the recipe for the most part except I made the filling in the microwave. I also added mushrooms and topped it with green olives... because I love olives!


I will be making this again... it is so so so so good. Just so good!

Dark chocolate coconut square right after


A little bit later butter toffee almonds, dark chocolate (plus some) and mango

Plus two mugs of cheerios, milks and banana

and right now some sesame toast

I did homework through ALL of this and I'm finally done! I still have some reading and stuff for the rest of the week but all of the crazy urgentness is gone =D!



Do you like to get all your stuff done at once or do you plan it spaced out? I live by GET IT DONE

Best thing you've had to eat in the past 5 days? Either ice cream at the beach or that sweet potato

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  1. I try to space my stuff out, but I usually get in the 'must do it all now!' mindset. It works... most of the time :)