Friday, February 11, 2011

What I Bought

So when I needed to order a foam roller I decided to treat myself to a few things from Amazon because I will have a ton of work study hours this month (I will be going crazy the last week of Feb and first week of March). I guess I had a moment of weakness because what arrived today I hate to say I am a little ashamed of. 

I love marshmallow's but they're not vegetarian =(. When I saw this I was just so excited about the option of marshmallow type fluff I went for it. I would just like to note I did not get this because it was calorie free but because the ingredient list is actually less gross than marshmallow's and it's a veggie alternative to the real thing. 

Lunch was for a five year old quite delicious!

I has PB&J on a whole-wheat english muffin, carrots and skim milk. Looks skimpy but I use a hefty amount of PB! And for anyone who was ever a girl scout knows that this had to happen

Hey fluffer- nutter sandwich! My key for this new product (which tastes great in the most fake way possible) is MODERATION... this will be the hardest to not have for 3 meals a day everyday. 

Afternoon snack was a sliced apple and some hummus/yogurt dip (two big spoonfuls of each mixed up) 

Dinner was super real and super amazing! Because it's Friday I decided to cook instead of do homework!  I mixed up these three things plus some lemon juice and water...

And stir-fryed up some tofu, corn, peas, onions, broccoli and quinoa. So yum!

Topped with cashews and red pepper flakes, totally hit the spot! And a mug of peach/mango/orange oolong to go with the asian theme! 

Everyone ready for the weekend? I'm hoping to get an outside run in tomorrow!


Do you have any "fake" food's that you love?
Are you celebrating V-Day over the weekend or waiting until Monday? I have a special lunch date with myself planned on Monday =) but I may treat myself a little this weekend too! 

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