Friday, February 11, 2011

Produce Importance

Last night I had a desserty type snack plate in the form of a little yogurt, some quaker oat square, craisins and dark chocolate. I tried the mint and coconut and surprisingly liked the mint better! I went back for another square =).

Had while watching the DCOM "Cadet Kelly" on netflix... if you do not understand this... get there fast.

I cut my workout a little bit short this morning because I decided to get some sauna time in to try and loosen up my quads, I'm feeling good now, hopeful for the long run tomorrow!


Banana with cottage cheese and cinnamon

For breakfast I actaually went savory in order to try a new toy I got yesterday! 
I LOVE poached eggs and was super excited to try this! You just crack the eggs in and add a little water, pop in the microwave and voila! Mine got a little overdone but I think I just needed some more water, plus I like my eggs really runny.

I paired my eggs with
Barley (cooked a double batch last night) bell peppers and  mushrooms

And topped it all with garlic salt, pepper, NY, siracha and ketchup! 

I usually like sweet for breakfast but this was really good and it's nice to get some veggies in the morning! 

And on that note I will leave you with an alarming quote from Mark Vinne's book "Closing the Food Gap". I am reading it for contemporary food movements and will have a full review at some point in the future!

"Obesity is highest  among people who eat very few fruits and vegetables and only one in five Americans is eating the recommended five or more servings of produce each day".

Makes me want to share some of my servings...

Happy Friday!


Do you LOVE fruits and veggies?
Do you have a fun tofu recipe that I could try for dinner? 

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