Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey all! How was everyone's day? I'll take you through a quick summary of mine! I realized this morning that I never show you my morning class beverage! Consider this had nearly every day although sometimes in the form of tea.

I posted some operation beautiful notes because today is a great day for it! 

"You are never alone, celebrate the love!"

I had an amazing lunch that stuck with the theme of the day! I had a Dark Chocolate Dreams PB sandwich with cream cheese, apple slice and cauliflower (get the colors?) and salsa.

This was a "special lunch" for me, I wanted to get strawberry cream cheese but my schools coffee shop was all out =(. I LOVE cream cheese but haven't had it in forever because at some point it made it onto my "no" foods list which I hate to have in general. So this was a way to "treat" myself which I hope to do more often in moderation with foods like this! I would like to start considering this as a "could be somewhat regular exception" and something like ice cream or cake as a real treat. 

Moving on in this  GLORIOUS day!
For an afternoon snack I had yogurt, dried pineapple chunks and some spelt flakes cereal which arrived today from amazon! I liked them a lot, a little plain but that means I can jazz them up however I like!
And for dinner I went with a "traditional" single girls Valentine's Day. I have another acorn squash to be used so I improvised a quick and delicious roasted acorn squash pizza, recipe will be posted in the future! 

With a side salad of broccoli, the squash that didn't fit, some chickpeas and raisins in garlic salt and white wine vinegar. 

Oh! And I wanted to tell you that the boy who sits next to me in Contemporary Food Movements gave me a V-Day card =).... 

I hope you had a truly wonderful day full of LOVE  for yourself and everyone around you!

Do you have a "no" foods list? I'm working on getting rid of mine, slowly but surely!
What did you do to spread the love today? 

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