Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last night for v-day dessert I tried my hand at my first banana soft serve ! It was AMAZING just as everyone claims! I only used one banana and used my immersion blender so it took awhile but it was so worth it. I topped it with Barney butter and some crumbled dark chocolate for the holiday! I was HANGRY PANTS last night however so I also went back for some pretzels and cinnamon raisin swirl PB.

Oh My Yum

I haven't had a ton of urgent school work lately so I've just been working on my paper and getting ahead in other classes. This happens to me sometimes and I start to actually feel kind of brain dead so I'm going to try to start making some brain-good use of my free time by watching documentaries instead of Office re-runs, reading more and maybe coming up with some good posts! I started this morning with banana and cottage cheese and by getting through two chapters of Eat Here and around 70 minutes on the stationary bike. It's for school but still very interesting so I'm reading it early for pleasure, highly recommended for all foodies!
Breakfast got a little crazy because at first nothing sounded good and then everything sounded good!
Oatbran cooked with milk, water, truvia, vanilla protein powder and orange spice tea bag
Topped with pear, trail mix, strawberry fruit spread and sunflower butter drizzle had with blueberry black tea.

And I'm off! Happy Tuesday everyone!


How do you stimulate your brain?

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