Monday, February 28, 2011

Make it Real

I did not do my job to use food last night because I ended up having pretzels and nut butter... *sigh*. I figure I'm bound to get tired of it someday! I also had some faux marshmallow just because I wanted it =/.

I feel like I have been having more artificial foods as I would like to, there have also been some undocumented diet cokes this week and a decent amount of splenda went into my coffee this weekend because stevia wasn't available where I was. I have been happy with my meals but the artificial sweeteners should take a little break.

Before I left today I had some bread with naturally more (I think this is my favorite kind of PB, although I do love arrowhead mills crunchy as well!)


I ran again today! I didn't do speed work but I did 3 miles in 28:46 with no pain so I was very happy! Followed by full body strength per usual. I started to do lunges but they were hurting my knee so I guess those are out for now!

Breakfast bowl


6 oz cup chobani

1 cup organic spelt flakes

a ton of raspberries

2 heaping tbsp wheat germ

honey drizzles


Last weeks goals

Drink green tea every day- Done, plus this morning!

Eat more nuts in place of nut butter- meh, I just love nut butter!

Run at least one day- 6 miles on Saturday!

Foam roll/stretch/yoga- yes, yes (although could have been more) and yes!

Not too shabby!

This weeks goals

Less artificial sweeteners

Make it through my bio pig dissection (kill me please)

Use up food

Go to Florida!



What are you goals for the week?

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  1. You have so many goals! I'm jealous. I just hope to get an awesome work out in every day and eat as healthy as possible. Way to be ambitious!