Monday, February 28, 2011

Babe: Pig in the Lab

Yes that is as sad as it sounds.

In my humyn bio class this week we are dissecting fetal pigs. My motivation toward vegetarianism started out as and is still mostly moral so needless to say I am having a rough time with this. Not to mention that my camera is now filled with not only delicious food photos but also that of an unborn pig being being examined to see where muscles and organs are located... unhappy.

With all of the technology available today it just seems to be to be inhumane and unnecessary to perform dissections in the classroom.

I luckily kept down my delicious lunch throughout this experience. I had a mexican like salad

DSCI0012.JPG In the mix

Black beans




nutritional yeast

garlic salt

cumin to give it more of a mexican flair!

This was super delicious, I love corn and black beans together!

Once I regained my appetite after class I snacked up some use it up food


Baby carrots and hummus plus chocolate whey protein

I was going to get creative in using it up for dinner but in favor of time and what I wanted... I didn't =P


Super cheesy omelet with steamed veggies


Plus and english muffin 1/2 with barney butter and cinnamon, 1/2 with smart balance light and black cherry fruit spread (just opened it, I like!)

DSCI0087.JPGTotally one of my favorites... can't beat it!



Share with me your views on dissection, animal rights, and general grossness.

We also have an eye dissection this year which I feel I'll be able to stomach better but I still find it cruel.

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